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FREE Covid -19 Management plan

Documents in Template form with the details on how to complete them below. (Click on the highlighted text to download the template)

  1. COVID-19 Management Plan: This must be signed by each member of the company and must be completed in full. Please take note that this doc conforms to all the legal requirements of the Disaster Management Act and Regulations.
  2. Risk Assessment – This is a basic template design showing most of the interactions we have day to day.
  3. Appointment - This appointment conforms to section 16.9 of the C19 OHS 2020 Regulations. You must please appoint a person responsible for the position of COVID-19 Compliance Officer – Remember that this person is responsible to act on behalf of the company and will stand inform of DOL should negligence be found.
  4. Policy – To show clients.
  5. Posters – These are just a couple posters I designed to conform to section 16.9 of the C19 OHS 2020 Regulations stating that you must have these posters up to educate and train staff. You can use them or find others online.
  6. Call out sheet and SWP – These are there for sticky clients that want a management system in place as well as SWP or call out forms to track activity.
  7. Daily Screening Register – This excel spreadsheet has the info that is needed for daily screening of employees.



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