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What should a plumber charge?

Updated January 2023

Service rate per hour as given by industry is R450 to R850/hour or part thereof.

(Average R650 per hour across all provinces)

The vast majority of plumbers charge a standard call out fee of R450 to R650.

* these rates exclude VAT and can be subject to volume discounts. They would not generally apply when doing tenders etc.

NOTE: Check the following with your local plumbing company before acquiring their services:

1.    Ensure your plumbing company can give you a breakdown of how they calculate their service rate

2.    Confirm your plumbing company complies with current legislation and local bylaws.

3.    Confirm your plumbing company employs qualified plumbers and they are registered with Plumbing Industries Registration Board (PIRB) (A consumer is breaking the law if a un-qualified plumber works, installs or maintains plumbing on a property owned by them)

4.    Confirm with your plumber if call out charge is included in service cost or charged separately.

5.    Ask your plumber to issue you with a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (PIRB).

6.    Ensure your plumbing company quotes before you give them the go ahead.

7.    Ensure that all materials are SANS approved products

8.    As you are contracting a plumbing company, ensure that they are a legal entity, financially stable and can deliver the service.

9.    Service charges vary per province.

10.                   This service fee excludes a call out fee (based on travel costs) that can be charged.

11.                   Service charges exclude material costs supplied by plumber.


1.    The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) supports a free market within the boundaries of the South African Legislation. IOPSA does not get involved in how a plumber costs their business with respect to service fee structure, call out charges, labour charges or material costs.

2.    Insurance plumbing rates are not included in these calculations and based on the insurance industry criteria.

3.    These rates are based on industry surveys and serve simply as a guideline, rates could vary dramatically from time to time depending on the nature of the work or factors such a fuel prices etc.



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