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Q: Why is there a need for a CoC Audit?

A: The need to audit PIRB Plumbing CoC’s is to ensure compliance in the industry, protect the consumer and because it forms part of the PIRB constitution.

Q: If it is a PIRB audit, why am I being contacted by IOPSA? 

A: The Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA) has been contracted by PIRB to carry out and facilitate the audits done. 

Q: How can I become an auditor/inspector?

A: There is an application form which can be submitted and if you meet the qualifying criteria, you may become and auditor/inspector. If you are interested please send an email with your request to for further information.

Q: Are auditors/inspectors audited?

A: Yes.

Q: How will I know if my work has been selected for an audit?

A: If the work you have performed and certified is selected for a compliance audit, you will be contacted by the PIRB Plumbing Auditors. You will be asked for details of were the work was performed and arrangements will need to be arranged with the relevant person for the audit to be undertaken. Audits are usually carried out between 7am-4pm.

Q: Can I disagree with an audit?

A: Yes, there is a process which you can follow if you disagree with an audit. 

If the licensed plumber feels that the rectification notice is incorrect, or if they have a disagreement with an auditor and/or felt they being unfairly retreated, objections may be submitted in writing on the relevant PIRB Form, to the PIRB Inspection review committee. The PIRB review process will be applied and followed.

Q: How do I as a consumer verify that the auditor is an official IOPSA authorised auditor?

A: An official IOPSA auditor will be able to produce the following upon arrival for the audit: 

1.  An official PIRB Auditors card

2. If you would like to verify if the auditor is infact an IOPSA auditor, please contact Bianca Quinn on 031 462 0975 or 



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