• 04 Dec 2017 8:35 AM | Anonymous

    Lizé joined the IOPSA Western Cape team as the regional secretary. Lize has come from being a managing agent for a Body Corporate of a building with 72 units.

    Within this position Lizé  was exposed to a multitude of plumbing issues where and IOPSA committee member was called in to assist and thus she has built on her plumbing knowledge.

    Lizé  is responsible for the smooth running and administration of the Western Cape region as well as all of the events. She hopes to increase membership and events within her region in order to support the IOPSA members with knowledge and skills.

    Should you wish to get in contact the Western Cape region, please feel free to contact them on the details below.

    Tel: 021 532 1084

    IOPSA Western Cape

    137 Monte Vista Boulevard

    Cape Town

  • 28 Nov 2017 8:43 AM | Anonymous

    An inaugural IOPSA meeting was held in Bethlehem at the Gemsbok Club. It was certainly a long process in putting this event together and IOPSA would like to thank Mark and Linda of M&M Plumbing for making this event a great success. 

    There was no shortage of commitment in terms of making this event happen, with Gert and Tokkie Fraser as well as Rudi van der Merwe and Andre Van Zyl travelling a round trip of 500km’s to attend and present in support of this event in Bethlehem. 

    Steve Brown travelled from Durban, another extensive round trip of 800km. It was great that Mark and Linda were able to schedule a meeting with the local Building Control Officers at their offices; this in support of advising them of the changes within IOPSA and the PIRB. 

    IOPSA extended invitation to the Building control officers to attend the weekly IOPSA Building Control officer training Webinars. For noting, one of the Senior Building inspectors attended the IOPSA meeting that evening and was/is very supportive of IOPSA and PIRB initiatives. 

    A good start for a small town being an attendance of around 14 people, we wish to thank those in attendance. IOPSA would, once again, like to thank Mark and Linda for their commitment to taking on the position of sub-regional coordinator for the Bethlehem region we look forward to future meetings to identify and develop the region. 

    This has been one of IOPSA’s goals to extend to outer-lying areas as we have managed to do in the Gauteng, Southern Cape and KwaZulu Natal regions. 

  • 28 Nov 2017 8:41 AM | Anonymous


    LIKE NEW – R90 000 ONCO

    Cam-Cam 60m inspection camera reel with 50mm self-levelling camera head (SALD207) with built in 512Hz transmitter and distance measuring device


    Cam-Cam video inspection camera system with 23mm camera head on 40M cable reel

    Call Paul on 082 641 5222

  • 28 Nov 2017 8:36 AM | Anonymous

    I recently required assistance with a compliance issue with the local council building inspector and was referred to Mark de Wet (Technical Manager).

    Mark responded in good time and found a solution that was accepted by the council.


    We have been IOPSA members for over 10 years and up until recently did not see the membership as beneficial to ourselves.

    We also found the webinar’s very informative on current trends and very valuable to our staff.


    I wish to encourage other IOPSA members to engage with the organisation whenever there are any issues or complications on site as IOPSA membership includes this service.


    I for one have a new and better perception of IOPSA and would like to thank Mark de Wet and the team for the excellent service received.


    Gerhard van Graan,

    DrainCorp Plumbers

  • 15 Nov 2017 12:12 PM | Anonymous

    On behalf of IOPSA Gauteng, we would like to personally thank You for your Support at the IOPSA Gauteng Golf Day 2017. 

    The feedback has been phenomenal from both Players and Sponsors; those that matter most. We certainly look forward to seeing you for an even greater day in 2018 as we continue to grow! 

    IOPSA would like to thank Jackie Burgess for the hard work and planning that went into making sure the IOPSA Gauteng Golf day was a success. 

    We wish to reiterate our Thanks for Our Generous Sponsors – The IOPSA Gauteng Golf Day could not have been achieved without their valued support – for Contact details please feel free to pop us a message. 

    *NB* - For more photos please click here!

  • 15 Nov 2017 12:02 PM | Anonymous

    The annual Mike Drake Memorial was held at the Royal Durban Golf Club. We were honoured to have Malcolm Harris from Harscan as our MC. The prizegiving was handled by Gary Chandler and Marc Sheppard of Plumblink. On a day in which was scheduled for cold, wet and windy; there surely was some hot golf and lots of beverages to stave-off the effects of the weather. IOPSA KZN would just like to thank all of our Sponsors, players and participants in making this a memorable day. We wish to congratulate fourball winners, Team Speedfit as well as the Winning Plumber; Keith Botha, further wish to congratulate Kwikot for their enthusiastic tee box. We’d just like to thank Bianca Brown for organising another spectacular event; this is certainly not an easy task, but once again pulled off without a hitch. We’d further like to thank the KZN committee for their efforts and support as well as Steve Brown, always cracking the whip. We look forward to next year for a bigger and better relaxed day of golf and fun. 

    On behalf of IOPSA KZN, we would like to personally thank You for your Support at the Mike Drake Memorial Golf Day 2017. The feedback has been phenomenal from both Players and Sponsors; those that matter most. I certainly look forward to seeing you for an even greater day in 2018 as we continue to grow! We are truly thankful to have missed the Severe weather and congratulate players and sponsors for braving the short drizzle!

    We wish to reiterate our Thanks for Our Generous Sponsors – The IOPSA KZN Golf Day could not have been achieved without their valued support – for Contact details please feel free to pop me a Message.

    *NB* High resolution pics available on Request

  • 15 Nov 2017 11:49 AM | Anonymous

    There has been a large amount of confusion regarding the requirements of SANS 10400-XA and the installation of Retrofit solar geysers as an installation option for SANS 10400-XA compliance on new property developments.

    With Retrofit installations been a cheaper installation, developers are opting for the retrofit systems but are unaware that the installation will not be compliant as per the requirements of SANS 10400-XA and SANS 1307. This also becomes an issue for the plumber issuing the PIRB COC as it will fail on an Audit.

    What is the requirement of SANS 10400-XA?

    XA2 – Not more than 50% of the annual volume of domestic hot water should be supplied by means of electrical resistance heating, ie 50% or more of the hot water used must be heated by energy sources other than electricity.

    So with a standard electrical geyser been used as a solar retrofit installation the standing heat loss on the cylinder does not allow for 50% alternative heating, as the water in the tank cools down over night or during winter seasons the geyser will be required to use an electrical element to heat the water , thus not allowing for the required 50% as per SANS 10400-XA2

    If we take a closer look at SANS 10400-XA it states, the following regarding Solar hot water heating installations.

    SANS 10400-XA Point 4.1.1

    4.1.1 in order to comply with functional regulation XA2, contained in part XA of the National Building Regulations, the following guidance is provided:

    a. The volume of the annual average hot water heating requirements shall be calculated in accordance with table 2 and 5 of SANS 10252-1 and

    b. If solar water heating systems are used, these shall comply with SANS 1307, SANS 10106 , SANS 10254 and SAN 10252-1

    Where some might find difficulty in getting the full picture of all the solar water heating system and installation requirements is when the numerous normative referenced standards are not examined, which is where a lot of the detail resides. These include SANS 151, SANS 60335-2-21, SANS 10254, SANS 198, SANS 10152-1, as well as NRCS VC 8055 and VC 9006 etc

    SANS 10106 5.1.6 in turn requires that the solar water heating system must comply with SANS 1307.

    It is therefore clear that both the solar water heating system must comply with SANS 1307 (which includes the 2 main components – the collector and the storage tank (3.1.6), as well as all the prescribed control and safety valves, pipe-work thermal insulation), and secondly the solar water heating system installation (which covers many aspects as well) must comply with SANS 10106.

    SANS 1307 specifies the tests, the design and performance of some of the components separately (like hail, condensation, cover strength etc. tests on the collectors, other tests on the storage tank, as well as other tests on the components together as a system, such as thermal performance, standing losses, freeze resistance etc.

    SANS 1307 compliance cannot be achieved by the sum of the individual components on their own, tested separately.

    There is no test in SANS 1307 or in any other SANS standard for the thermal performance of the collector on its own. You cannot therefore test a collector on its own and then mix and match it to any other storage tank and then prove or certify compliance of such a combination as a SANS 1307 system.

    So in conclusion any inspectorate like PIRB or the municipality or any other inspection or approvals authority (Dept. Energy, CEF, etc) or body, needs proof in the form of a valid and current SANS 1307 system test report, mark certificate or JASWIC listing and certificate.

    If a retrofit system is to be used at a new development then a SANS 1307 test report will need to be provide by either the manufacturer, importer or plumber doing the installation and presented to the developer or consumer as proof that the complete installation is compliant and has been tested in full to the requirements of SANS 1307.

    The installation will also require the plumber to provide the consumer with a copy of the SANS1307 test report and a PIRB COC as per the requirements of SANS 10106

  • 02 Oct 2017 12:50 PM | Anonymous

    It gives me pleasure to write about the current IOPSA administration.

    I find it refreshing to deal with Steve Brown (Acting Ed), Kaela Bell (Membership administrator) and Mark de Wet (Technical Manager).

    Kaela from day one, was not only pleasant, but knowledgeable and efficient. 

    We were very concerned about the CPD points that we had not been able to achieve, not due to our negligence  but due to various complications. 

    I can proudly say that within two months, we have 19 CPD points!

    Not so difficult once you understand what is required.

    I have had a few plumbing issues and Steve has always been just a phone call away. If not available immediately, within the hour he is returning your call.

    We have been doing internal audits on our plumbers re installing geysers and there were a few technical points we needed to clarify, Mark was available  to assist with the information we required.

    I used to be a member of IOPSA over 15 years ago and up until recently did not feel I was benefiting in any way. I also felt that to get CPD points was a money racket.

    Now I feel completely different about being a member and about the CPD points. They are both essential. Why one may ask? 

    Firstly the assistance one gets from IOPSA is invaluable :-

    1. IOPSA meetings, that are very informative on relevant business issues and product, provide you with 4 CPD points.
    2. Knowledgeable assistance on  administration and technical plumbing issues 
    3. Recruiting of learners and plumbers.

    Achieving CPD points is a very good way of staying abreast with all aspects of running a successful plumbing business and need not cost you anything if attend meetings throughout the year and watch a few videos.

    I feel proud to say that I am affiliated with IOPSA now we just need to get all the plumbers, throughout South Africa on board.

    Written by Sandra Adams

    (Dave Miller Plumbers) 

  • 27 Sep 2017 9:08 AM | Anonymous

    On the 20th of September 2017 IOPSA National held its 77th NATEXEC meeting where chairman from all over the country were in attendance to discuss the status of IOPSA and the way forward. 

    During the course of the full day meeting many topics such as budget, training, regional feedback, technical information, events and marketing were discussed. 

    The meeting was a great success and all who were in attendance left with a strong understanding of the way forward and excitement for things to come. 

    (Martin Kaschula, Johan Van den Berg , Ryder Rollinson, Dawie du Plessis, Andre Gous, Lea Smith, Michelle van Rensburg, Steve Brown, Chris Burgess, Nick Joubert, Mark de Wet, Robert Winn, Mark Pratt, Gareth Jearey, Ryan Swinton)

  • 27 Sep 2017 8:55 AM | Anonymous

    The plumbing industry has moved forward in leaps and bounds driven by IOPSA with Gary Macnamara at the helm steering our ship.
    Gary as many know has moved on to greater challenges in life.

    He has left us with a thriving IOPSA community on which we get the privilege to grow, and with this privilege I am proud to announce the beginning of the Tshwane IOPSA Committee.

    This will allow plumbers in the Pretoria area to get more attention in terms of meetings in Pretoria helping us grow the Tshwane IOPSA plumbers community.
    IOPSA's core belief is to uplift the standards by getting involved with every IOPSA member, helping them with their business, providing support in the latest trends within the plumbing industry and forming partnerships with businesses to provide IOPSA members with better discounts like the incredible deal they have with the NP200 that is R40 000 cheaper.

    Providing Training in the latest SANS regulations that are being updated. Things that I know as a plumber are essential to my business growing to the next level.

    As we all know IOPSA is a Non-profit volunteer driven organisation and without the plumbers it cannot deliver what we as plumbers truly need - support. We are so alone in our businesses grinding away struggling with the same problems but no one to talk to. Imagine being able to get together and find out how another plumber solved the same problem you had? Or this new job you are taking on and have no experience in it and being an IOSPA member you can call them and get the advice you need. This is why I am on the Committee, I want to be the difference I desire to see from others. I am tired of complaining and not seeing results. I want to be the change, not the problem, which is why IOPSA’s tag line of “Be the change YOU want to see” resonates with me.

    Being part of the committee and attending the IOPSA meetings my business has grown. I have learnt of new opportunities in the same jobs I do every day just because I attended a meeting that was so skilfully put together my Kaela and the IOPSA Gauteng committee. They are doing their best to give their best to us. This has truly inspired me and encouraged me to do my part in making South Africa great again. I am not going to wait for someone else to make the change.

    So come and join us, by just being part of the meetings and encouraging those around you to attend, we will be that difference that you want to see happen in the South African Plumbing Industry!

    For more information on the Pretoria sub committee please contact Kaela on 011 454 0025 or email us at

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