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    07h00 - 07h30


    Chris Coetzee




    11h00 - 12h00

    Compliance Auditor

    Steve B

    CA SLA Requirements



    13h00 - 14h00

    Plumber Training


    Social Media



    16h00 - 17h00

    Bus Development

    Brad Boertje




    07h00 - 07h30




    11h00 - 12h00

    Plumber Training

    Robbie Webb




    13h00 - 14h00

    Plumber Training


    Reading a Balance Sheet, the lay-man’s guide



    16h00 - 17h00

    Bus Development

    Brad Boertje

    DOING BUSINESS WITH THE IOPSA CONTRACT FOR MINOR PLUMBING WORKS: Module 6: Balancing contractual astuteness and business relationships



    07h00 - 07h30

    Tech Talks

    Adriaan, Maruis, Richard, Herman, Steve

    Q&A Session



    11h00 - 12h00

    Compliance Auditor

    Steve B, Lea, Brendan, Herman

    Covid return and New Auditing system principles



    13h00 - 14h00

    Plumber Training

    Debbie Donaldson

    Returning to work after Lockdown



    16h00 - 17h00

    Bus Development


    Vermont - Anchors/ Rawl bolts

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  • 28 Apr 2020 9:21 AM | Anonymous


     Rehabilitating Stagnant Water Systems

    Post SA Lockdown COVID 19

    Dear valued members 

    As soon as the South African Lockdown COVID-19 period ends, people will start heading back to their work premises that have for weeks now been unoccupied or sparsely used as a result of the lockdown.

    We point out that that water not drawn through a plumbing system within a building over an extended period of time will become stagnant.

    Stagnation of water within building pipes and other water systems may contain excessive amounts of heavy metals. As a result this may support the accelerated growth of many microorganisms and pathogens, such as Legionella Pneumophila that can cause great harm to building occupants. Just as with the COVID-19, those that are at the greatest risk of becoming ill from such pathogens are the elderly and those who are immunocompromised.

    Plumbing systems will therefore have to be prepared for regular use again and IOPSA urges all its members to please place high importance on protecting the public’s health and safety. Therefore, attention should be given to the rehabilitation of such water systems within 5-7 days before the building is re-occupied. Please note that this period may vary from the periods given by local authorities and this would also need to be taken into consideration.

    Below are some guidelines and best practices to be considered to rehabilitate a stagnant water line for regular use again:

    Flushing of all water systems

    • ·        All water systems in buildings will need to be thoroughly flushed prior to being put back into service.
    • ·        Flushing includes the opening of all water outlet taps, mixers, showers including toilets and urinals.
    • ·        Flushing the system will purge the stagnant water and improve water quality.
    • ·        Remember to flush all drinking water fountains. Water coolers need to be emptied, cleaned as per the manufacturer’s requirements, and refilled with fresh potable water.
    • ·        All hot water storage heaters (geyser) including point of use geysers would need to be adequate flushed and heated to a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius for at least 1 hour wherever possible.


    The flushing of the water system will depend and differ from building to building. Factors such as building reticulation design and distance from service connection will be one of many factors to consider when trying to determine the time per terminal point to be flushed.

    Taking the above into account, IOPSA cannot give an exact time to allow such purging of stagnant water from each point.
    The licenced plumber will have to evaluate each case on merit and also take into account means to try reduce unnecessary water wastage such as the testing of water quality

    IOPSA encourages good health practices and we urge our members and their staff attending to such rehabilitation of stagnant water systems to please take care and wear the correct PPE. Remember to open taps slowly to avoid splashing and before flushing toilets to close the toilet lids to prevent aerosols filling or splashing from the toilet.

    Other building water systems

    All other water systems in a building, such as water re-use systems (storage tanks), water features such as fountains, and irrigation systems will need to be flushed. Please remember to follow the manufacturer recommendations for disinfecting such water systems. Please refer to SANS 10252-1 ref 6.5.2 and 9.3.2 for more guidance.

    Floor drains and grease traps

    In respect of buildings that have floor drains - be sure to clean and flush the drain and to make sure that the trap is fully restored in order to keep sewer gases from entering the building.

    Grease traps and gulleys need to be cleared, cleaned, and flushed.

    Additional considerations

    Removal and cleaning of end-point devices such as faucet aerators, drinking fountain, water filtration systems, point of use water heaters and filtration systems would be a good practice.
    (Please consult the manufacturer on specific procedures to be followed)

    We recommend that should the occupants need to drink water that they either use bottled water or boil the water first and allow it to cool down before consuming it. This should be implemented for at least the first week of re-occupying the building to allow the water lines to be sufficiently flushed.

    IOPSA Management and staff take this opportunity to thank each and every IOPSA member for their role and contribution to the plumbing industry and especially to the health and safety of our nation.

    Steve van Zyl
    National Technical Manager

    This document may be amended as we identify new or better remedial procedures and recommendations that can be made in protecting our potable water.

    To download the formal statement click here

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    Organization Phone Membership Region
    3G Plumbing CC +27 824796463 Gauteng
    A B T Plumbers CC 083 445 8022 Kwazulu Natal
    A.R.M Electrical & Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 011 615 4310 Gauteng
    AA1 Stop Plumbing 0119296230 Gauteng
    AAA-BA Best Plumbers +27 119753307 Gauteng
    AB Plumbing Specialist +27 333942491 Kwazulu Natal
    Abafazi Bayasebenza Construction & Projects 011 680 6798 Gauteng
    Absolute Geyser Solutions cc 011 663 2300 Gauteng
    Active Blue Plumbing +27 728502183 Gauteng
    Adeo South Africa T/A Leroy Merlin 0104935171 Gauteng
    AdHoc Plumbers CC +27 123315440 Gauteng
    AdHoc Plumbers East (Pty) Ltd. 013 692 8396 Gauteng
    Africa International Training Facilities 011 9679940 Gauteng
    Africa Skills Village Training & Management Services (Pty) Ltd (Start date confirmed) 044 884 0791 Southern Cape
    Agnor Plumbing +27 437485975 Border
    Ahead in Plumbing 071 063 4983 Limpopo
    AJC Plumbing CC 011 4523368 Gauteng
    Alexander Maintenance & Electrical  Services cc 041 453 6020 Eastern Cape
    All Plumbing and Drainage +27 217824400 Western Cape
    Alleys Industrial Services CC (Start date confirmed) 035 789 8981 Kwazulu Natal
    Alliance Plumbers +27 414515570 Eastern Cape
    Alpha Plumbing 011 794 2431 Gauteng
    Andion Plumbing CC +27 436433907 Border
    Andries Van Zyl Plumbing 0722001025 Southern Cape
    Apache Telecoms and Electrical (Pty) Ltd 010 880 2424 Gauteng
    APN Maintenance 072 020 0755 Free State
    Aqua Plumbing +27 217904786 Western Cape
    Aquadream Construction 072 285 3124 Gauteng
    Aquality Plumbers 011 706 0131 Gauteng
    Aquality Wolseley (Start date confirmed) +27 232310281 Western Cape
    Aqua-Tap Plumbing +27 357891800 Kwazulu Natal
    Aquatech Plumbing 0215574645 Western Cape
    Armani Maintenance +27 129917564 Gauteng
    Aspro Maintenance (Pty) Ltd. 011 472 4486 Gauteng
    Atlanta Plumbing and Drain Services (Pty) Ltd. 081 462 4464 Gauteng
    Audaxis Civils (Pty) Ltd. 083 388 4538 Gauteng
    Autoplumb Suppliers CC T/A APS Plumbing Supplies 012 653 1991 Gauteng
    Avanti Plumbers (Start date confirmed) 086 091 8918 Kwazulu Natal
    Bakgat Plumbing +27 573529882 Free State
    Barlands Plumbing 076 250 5475 Southern Cape
    Barleda 108CC t/a Derwent Plumbing 039 684 5140 Kwazulu Natal
    BC Plumbing T/A Progressive Plumbers 043 721 1373 Border
    Bennett Plumbers 041 3673919 Eastern Cape
    Berea Plumbers CC +27 315613356 Kwazulu Natal
    Bettafix Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 031 914 0179 Kwazulu Natal
    Biggs and Co 061 444 8597 Eastern Cape
    Billson Plumbers 041 373 1827 Eastern Cape
    Blockbusters and Partners 011 728 2016 Gauteng
    Bluespec Contractors Group 010 205 9285 Gauteng
    Bonties Plumbing 041 3675327 Eastern Cape
    BQ Electrical and Plumbing Services 072 728 8000 Southern Cape
    Brett's Plumbers 011 465 7342 Gauteng
    Brightserve (PTY) Ltd 071 351 9625 Gauteng
    Bububa Holdings (Pty) Ltd 086 148 8849 Gauteng
    Bulumko Group (Pty) Ltd 011 050 0622 Gauteng
    Burgess and Partners (Pty) Ltd +27 114542266 Gauteng
    Buys Plumbers CC +27 413650775 Eastern Cape
    Calafrica (Pty) Ltd 011 795 1519 Gauteng
    Cape's Pride Plumbing   Western Cape
    CASA Plumbing & Drains - Durban (Water Berry Trading) 031 5641807 Kwazulu Natal
    CF Thompson Plumbers cc +27 333452386 Kwazulu Natal
    Churchill Plumbing, Heat Pumps and Solar Water Heating 072 945 3605 Gauteng
    Cj Doffay Plumbing T/A Coastline Plumbing 035 550 0104 Kwazulu Natal
    Coalition Cabling & Electrical 021 699 0190 Western Cape
    Corn Africa Plumbing (Pty) Ltd. 011 987 1064 Gauteng
    Currie Plumbers +27 41581378 Eastern Cape
    D&D Maintenance +27 834483401 Border
    Dave Miller Plumbers 0118875719 Gauteng
    Dave Raw Plumbing 039 727 2999 Kwazulu Natal
    Davico Plumbing +27 515223565 Free State
    David Stuthard Plumbing & Electrical 041 364 0025 Eastern Cape
    Davnic Plumbing 0100203218 Gauteng
    De Wet Projects T/A Buildview 076 148 1974 Gauteng
    Del Electrical Group (Pty) Ltd 051 101 1660 Free State
    Deniel's Plumbing 041 371 5132 Eastern Cape
    Denis Plumbers cc 044 874 4408 Southern Cape
    Detecta Leak cc (Start date confirmed) +27 861005325 Kwazulu Natal
    Dikose Trading 073 126 1993 Kwazulu Natal
    DMS Plumbing 0114322825 Gauteng
    Drain Away (Start date confirmed) +27 396952307 Kwazulu Natal
    Drain Meister CC 031 700 6040 Kwazulu Natal
    Drainmen Services Group (Pty) Ltd 0215574645 Western Cape
    Drips Plumbing +27 214342262 Western Cape
    Du Preez Loodgieters (Start date confirmed) +27 422960994 Eastern Cape
    East Cape Plumbing (Pty) Ltd. 041 450 0055 Eastern Cape
    ER Plumbing 012 377 0454 Gauteng
    ESL Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 051 430 0323 Free State
    Euro Aquatech 021 8828739 Western Cape
    Everstream Trading 450 011 041 6190 Gauteng
    F&P Contracts CC t/a Ferro Plumbing (Start date confirmed) +27 114350754 Gauteng
    Fluschwell Plumbers cc 031 205 2132 Kwazulu Natal
    Fouche Plumbers 057 3531600 Free State
    Ganga Plumbers +27 312626871 Kwazulu Natal
    GDM Plumbing & Projects (Pty) Ltd 0835557973 Gauteng
    Geezers Plumbing +27 114310327 Gauteng
    Gerald Schmidt Plumbers cc 041 365 4634 Eastern Cape
    Gert Fraser Loodgieters +27 514302994 Free State
    Geyser Guy Plumbers +27 448841336 Southern Cape
    Global Plumbers +27 437221386 Border
    HB Plumbing CC +27 219870160 Western Cape
    Helderberg Fusion Plumbing 087 822 1557 Western Cape
    Hi-Flo Plumbing +27 215575043 Western Cape
    HMS Plumbers 0659692597 Kwazulu Natal
    Home Plumbing Services CC 021 852 2815 Western Cape
    I.L. Fraser Plumbers CC +27114026360 Gauteng
    Independent Plumbing Suppliers 011 444 0893 Gauteng
    Industrial Plumbers t/a DA Richardson Plumbing 083 284 6135 Border
    Infallible Trading 0415823202 Eastern Cape
    Ionic Gas, Plumbing,Electrical & Construction 0838900989 Gauteng
    J and Z Sprinkler Systems 011 888 4965 Gauteng
    Jacks Konstruksie +27 178197733 Mpumulanga
    Jadas Plumbing Works (Pty) Ltd 079 648 4077 Gauteng
    Jama Jamela Holdings (Pty) Ltd 011 888 7217 Gauteng
    Jannie Van Graaff Loodgieters 018 297 8168 North West
    JAW Plumbing 0764001003 Free State
    Jazzman Sanitary Engineers CC (Start date confirmed) 0861 728 337 Gauteng
    JNT Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd. (Start date confirmed) +27 413695046 Eastern Cape
    Just Domestic T/A Domestic Industries +27 315770770 Kwazulu Natal
    Just Plumbing and Flooring Supplies 123 CC 824,111,432 Border
    Karl Witthuhn Plumbers +27 413671898 Eastern Cape
    KD Plumbing +27 763708059 Western Cape
    Ken Harrison Reliable Plumbers 081 282 7765 Gauteng
    Kufenim Plumbing and Projects (Pty) Ltd 083 508 8808 Gauteng
    KZN HEALTH DEPARTMENT 073 415 3810  
    L.J.R. Plumbing Supplies +27 123330910 Gauteng
    Langenhovenpark Loodgieters +27 514333656 Free State
    Leakfind CC +27 215514894 Western Cape
    Leakfinda East London +27 437482173 Border
    Leano Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd 011 027 1541 Gauteng
    Leon Abelson Plumbers +27 118853009 Gauteng
    Lifetime Plumbing (Pty) Ltd. +27 117943870 Gauteng
    Lixil Africa +27 119515000 Gauteng
    L-K Plumbing Services Western Cape (Pty) Ltd 0796812949 Western Cape
    Logos Plumbing Maintenance CC 012 665 1149 Gauteng
    Loots Loodgieters (Start date confirmed) 083 688 7174 Free State
    LVR Construction CC 031 536 2345 Kwazulu Natal
    M&J Distrubution t/a Elnino Solar 041 365 0498 Eastern Cape
    Macneil Distributors Eastern Cape 041 4510400 Eastern Cape
    Makhanya's Plumbing +27 832830995 Kwazulu Natal
    Mamba Plumbing Projects and Services cc +27 313124528 Kwazulu Natal
    Mapa Cleaning Technologies 011 608 3290 Gauteng
    Matriarch Contractors CC 035 474 1936 Kwazulu Natal
    Mike's Plumbing +27 437227671 Border
    Mobile Leak Detection And Plumbing (Start date confirmed) 011 862 1017 Gauteng
    Modl Plumbers 083 504 8640 Kwazulu Natal
    Monster Plumbing CC (CONFIRMED START DATE) 0861 666 783 Western Cape
    Mr. Fix-It 031 261 1978 Kwazulu Natal
    Mr. Plumb +27 219768234 Western Cape
    MSM Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 083 751 3443 Gauteng
    Muller Mokoena CC (M&M Plumbing)(Start date confirmed) +27 583034681 Free State
    Mzunku Trading & Distribution 057 352 1629 Free State
    National Leak Detection (Pty) Ltd 081 372 6156 Gauteng
    Nembwe Plumbing & Maintenance Projects 011 675 3967 Gauteng
    New Era Plumbers +27 315643814 Kwazulu Natal
    New-Era Construction +27 828254598 Kwazulu Natal
    NM Plumbing & Electrical CC 0826938848 Gauteng
    Nu-Gen Plumbing & Leak Detection 031 923 3173 Kwazulu Natal
    On Tap East London +27 437437606 Border
    On Tap Jeffrey's Bay +27 422960017 Eastern Cape
    On Tap King Williams Town 0436421859 Border
    On Tap Mthatha +27 475310631 Border
    On Tap Queenstown 0458381491 Border
    Optimus Plumbing 012 546 0415 Gauteng
    Owen P (PTY) Ltd +27 414843671 Eastern Cape
    Panorama Plumbers 082 828 4648 Gauteng
    Patrick's Plumbing & Maintenance +27 726361367 Border
    PCR Contractors +27 538611899 Free State
    PDK Plumbing 0790962439 Free State
    Penny Wise Plumbing 079 909 9320 Free State
    Phuzanawe Plumbers CC 076 671 6614 Kwazulu Natal
    Piet Naude Loodgieters 0514302496 Free State
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    PP Construction +27 366314825 Kwazulu Natal
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    PT Dillon Plumb-Tech (Pty) Ltd 084 698 7417 Free State
    Pure Plumbing 082 372 5960 Western Cape
    R & M Plumbers CC 0413635233 Eastern Cape
    R Du Toit Building Contractors CC +27 117920583 Gauteng
    R&S Plumbing 083 963 4479 Free State
    Radinthe Plumbing Steelworks Valves Services 012 756 4546 Gauteng
    Res-Q Plumbers CC +27 110288198 Gauteng
    Rho-Aqua Services CC t/a Beach Plumbing Services 0393173040 Kwazulu Natal
    Robert G Plumbing t/a The Plumbery +27 219762058 Western Cape
    Rossouw Loodgieters +27 51 011 6938 Free State
    Rubiflo (Pty) Ltd trading as Lloyd's Plumbers 041 581 2292 Eastern Cape
    S60 Rapid Plumbing 011 762 8860 Gauteng
    Sanaqua Plumbing Supplies (Pty) Ltd 011 794 4828 Gauteng
    Sarba Loodgieters +27 827703520 Free State
    Savvy Civils & Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 011 894 3942 Gauteng
    SDT Plumbers 031 708 5303 Kwazulu Natal
    SE Industries 041 372 1164 Eastern Cape
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    Shones Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 072 226 8321 Border
    Shurflow Plumbing 057 353 1348 Free State
    Silver Obelisk t/a CRK Maintenance 010 599 2441 Gauteng
    Silver Solutions 1273cc T/A KZN Plumbing 081 301 4803 Kwazulu Natal
    Siyazama Property Maintenance 011 453 3459 Gauteng
    SKN Plumbing Solutions CC (Start date confirmed) +27 314661446 Kwazulu Natal
    SNS Plumbing and Projects Specialist CC (Start date confirmed) +27 119433854 Gauteng
    Southern Cape Solar Solutions 044 523 7583 Southern Cape
    Speedfit Africa +27 31 569 3073 Kwazulu Natal
    Splash Leak Detection Services CC 0215573743 Western Cape
    Splashworks +27 117082676 Gauteng
    Square Circle international 0315009889 Kwazulu Natal
    Stefmar Construction & Plumbing +27 446981141 Southern Cape
    Steve's Plumbers +27 414510071 Eastern Cape
    Steyns Plumbing 072 271 8874 Gauteng
    Stiles Plumbing & Sanware 044 8713222 Southern Cape
    Stonley's Plumbing Services 082 324 7778 Gauteng
    Strydom Loodgieters cc 015 590 7236 Gauteng
    Sunridge Importers and Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd 086 134 4434 Kwazulu Natal
    Supadrain +27 113145054 Gauteng
    T and G Associates 083 377 2043 Gauteng
    t/a RPS Builders & Plumbers (Brenmon Business Trust) 041 360 2440 Eastern Cape
    THBO Trading & Projects 0861 00 885 Gauteng
    The Plumber Border +27 437400220 Border
    The Ubuntu Construction Company 031 811 7084 Kwazulu Natal
    Thembridge Support Services 0113630044 Gauteng
    TJS Maintenance 0113167771 Gauteng
    Top Class Plumbing (Pty) Ltd 076 621 3063 Western Cape
    Trio Plumbers & Civil Contractors CC +27 119741559 Gauteng
    Tyrone's Plumbing Services (Confirmed start date) +27 836026792 Border
    Umfula Plumbing Services (Pty) Ltd 011 900 7062 Gauteng
    UPP Group 011 792 6222 Gauteng
    Watt's Plumbing +27 217881114 Western Cape
    Waynes Plumbing 082 416 5335 Gauteng
    WayWes Plumbing Services 0217882348 Western Cape
    Werthwhile Plumbers +27 415812949 Eastern Cape
    Williamson Plumbers CC (Start date confirmed) 031 563 3520 Kwazulu Natal
    Willie Hallaby Plumbers 056 811 4217 Free State
    Woolwick Investments (Pty) Ltd t/a Thermowise 032 947 0377 Kwazulu Natal
    Wynberg Plumbing +27 217611861 Western Cape
    Ya Mampela Glass and Projects 012 772 4321 Gauteng
    YSF Building Plumbing and Electrical (Pty) Ltd 060 489 9144 Gauteng
    Z Macz (Pty) Ltd 034 981 0374 Kwazulu Natal
    Zero 2 One Plumbing 082 789 1076 Western Cape
    Zipp Plumbers CC 031 2661396 Kwazulu Natal

  • 21 Apr 2020 9:08 AM | Anonymous

    Without modern plumbing in our homes – proper pipework, running water, flushing toilets and the ability to shower, we would find life challenging to say the least as well as somewhat unhygienic! Water is THE most essential constituent for life on earth, in so far as plumbing has evolved to being one of the cornerstones on which modern society has evolved. Plumbing – so important, fundamental and central to civilization in general, that even the great Roman empire recognized how a knowledge and understanding of plumbing, sewerage and waterworks was essential to the advancement of society.

    With an ever-increasing population in high density urban areas life as we currently know it wouldn't be possible without plumbers – working hard in a profession of which they can be justifiably proud!

    According to a British Medical Journal reader survey - Sanitation was the single most important medical advance since 1840 and South Africans can be proud of the fact that due to their excellent sanitation systems they have one of the best public health records in the Western world.

    So, who takes responsibility for South Africa’s sanitary systems?

    It’s you the Proud South African Plumber; who, continues to uphold, encourage and monitor a consistent, efficient and reliable plumbing environment, so as to safe guard and serve the public of this proud nation – South Africa.

    So when you as a Proud and registered Plumber comes to repair a burst geyser, a water leak, a blocked drain, or an interrupted water supply the public can be confident and secure in the knowledge that the tradesperson who answers their call is a skilled Professional known as a Plumber!

    In its response to the coronavirus pandemic the South African government has identified that the plumbing industry is indispensable and that PLUMBERS are ESSENTIAL WORKERS.

    If ever South Africa needed it’s Plumbers - it is NOW!

    During this time of Lock-Down due to the Corona-virus we NEED the services of you as our Proud Plumbers because who else is going to keep the Nation’s water running in our homes, our hotels, our HOSPITALS and wherever we need water to WASH OUR HANDS and a myriad of surfaces in hot soapy water in order to help beat this virus? We NEED professional PLUMBERS, Tradespersons that know how to keep vital services running. It’s the Plumbing profession that keeps this country CLEAN, who not only fix the leaks and keep the water running through the Nation’s taps but who keeps the whole waste-water system functioning, the sewers working and many of the nation’s appliances securely plumbed in!

    We honour the Doctors, the Nurses all the staff that work in hospitals and medical centres. We applaud those that keep our telecommunications open and working, we admire those who keep our information technology systems up and running. We even have a sneaking admiration for our bin-men, our defence force and for those that work in transportation and logistics, the food and agriculture sectors – but so often we forget how important our Plumbers AND the Plumbing Industry are.

    But NO MORE!

    South African PLUMBERS – we not only respect and appreciate your contribution towards your community – we SALUTE YOU and we THANK you for your valuable and vital contribution towards our nation!

    Be Plumber Proud!

    Button Tool

  • 20 Apr 2020 8:44 AM | Anonymous

    IOPSA and PIRB set out in partnership with Harambee to find out how our industry is currently coping with the Lockdown and if they are trading as an essential service. 

    To view the full report and findings please click below to view the full report. 

  • 14 Apr 2020 5:09 PM | Anonymous
    21-Apr Tuesday 07h00 - 07h30 OHS
        11h00 - 12h00 Compliance Auditor
        13h00 - 14h00 Plumber Training
        16h00 - 17h00 Bus Development
    22-Apr Wednesday 07h00 - 07h30  Motivational
        13h00 - 14h00 Plumber Training
        16h00 - 17h00 Bus Development
    23-Apr Thursday 07h00 - 07h30 Tech Talks
        11h00 - 12h00 Compliance Auditor
        13h00 - 14h00 Plumber Training
        16h00 - 17h00 Bus Development
    24-Apr Friday 07h00 - 07h30  HR
        13h00 - 14h00 Plumber Training

    To register to attend these webinars please click here:

    Tuesday morning English ToolBox Talk:   

    Thursday morning Tech Talks:

  • 06 Apr 2020 11:22 AM | Anonymous

    Positioned to provide widespread and sustainable support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are financially impacted by COVID-19, the newly-established Sukuma Relief Programme comprises two distinct and separate relief offerings – one for formal sole proprietors and another for other business entities, namely close corporations, companies, and trusts.

    This is according to Ben Bierman, Managing Director at Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) – one of Africa’s leading risk finance companies for SMEs and the appointed Administrator of the fund – who explains that the financial aid and assistance will comprise grants and low-interest-bearing loans with a 12-month repayment holiday.

    “The Sukuma Relief Programme is structured to provide relief against the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, while leveraging further support as far as possible. Qualifying formal sole proprietors will receive a non-repayable grant of R25 000. Formal close corporations, companies and trusts will be eligible for an unsecured loan ranging between R250 000 and R1 000 000, with no repayment obligations or interest incurred for the first 12 months, in addition to a R25 000 grant,” says Bierman.

    In terms of necessary criteria, he says that close corporations, companies or trusts must be registered, tax- and regulatory-compliant South African businesses that can prove viability prior to the arrival of the pandemic. “When applying, these entities will therefore be required to submit documents and supporting evidence to corroborate that it is a viable business that was impacted by COVID-19. This proof can be a demonstration of a decrease in turnover, erosion of working capital, or inability to pay salaries.

    “Similarly, formal sole proprietors will need to provide proof of an active bank account to show business activity prior to the outbreak of the pandemic and provide evidence of tax compliance,” he adds

    Given the gravity of the unprecedented COVID-19 disruption, Bierman says there will be a focus on swift application, approval and disbursement processing to ensure the relief is made available to qualifying SMEs as quickly as possible. “We understand that many businesses are currently in need of immediate financial relief. Disbursements will therefore be made within seven days after applying for the assistance, provided the supporting evidence is supplied and verified.”

    For business owners wishing to apply, Bierman says applications will open today, Friday, 3 April 2020, on the BUSINESS/PARTNERS website ( “To apply, all you need to do is visit the website and follow the simple steps to fill in an application and upload the required supporting documents.”

    When asked about what their role as Administrator entails, Bierman says that BUSINESS/PARTNERS is responsible for ensuring that every cent contributed to the fund ends up in the hands of business owners. “This is a permanent vehicle to support South African SMEs in distress, and we intend to help support as many businesses as possible.

    “It should be noted, in this regard, that BUSINESS/PARTNERS will not be profiting from the funding in any way, and no fees will be charged in relation to the Sukuma Relief Programme. The donors will also not be paid back at any point,” he adds.

    Bierman explains that the repayment of the loan portion is an appeal to the beneficiaries of the Programme to “pay it forward” once their businesses are back on their feet, in order to allow for the continuing support of other SMEs into the future. “While the fund has been originated to provide SMEs with financial aid to assist them in weathering the COVID-19 storm, the plan is for it to run on a sustainable basis over the long term and continue to help SMEs during challenging times like this in the future,” he concludes.

    About the Sukuma Relief Programme

    The Sukuma Relief Programme is positioned to provide widespread and sustainable support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are financially impacted by COVID-19. The initiative is in response to the call by President Ramaphosa to all social partners to support SMEs in sustaining their business operations and preserve jobs. The Rupert Family and Remgro Limited pledged R1 billion towards this financial aid. The Sukuma Relief Programme offers distinct and separate financial aid to formal sole proprietors and other business entities, namely, close corporations, companies and trusts.

    About Business Partners Ltd.

    Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS) is a specialist risk finance company for formal small and medium owner-managed businesses in South Africa, and selected African countries. The company actively supports entrepreneurial growth by providing financing from R500, 000 to R50 million, specialist sectoral knowledge, business premises and added-value services for viable small and medium businesses. Since establishment in 1981, BUSINESS/PARTNERS has provided business finance worth over R19.5 billion in over 71 600 transactions facilitating over 651 000 jobs. BUSINESS/PARTNERS was named the Gold winner in the SME Bank of the Year – Africa category at the 2019 Global SME Finance Awards. Visit for more information.

    Article taken from:

  • 03 Apr 2020 8:40 AM | Anonymous

    Much confusion has arisen with the introduction of the Covid -19 temporary employee / employer relief scheme (C19 TERS), previously referred to as a “National Disaster Benefit”, in terms of a directive that was gazetted on 26 March 2020.

    C19 TERS is not the only UIF relief option available in the case of temporary lay-offs. Many employers have already laid off their employees without pay and submitted claims under the UIF ‘Reduced working time’ option.

    [NOTE: The confusion has by and large been caused by a more recent Easy- Aid Guide for Employers to access UIF benefits that seems to confuse C19 TERS document requirements with that of the UIF ‘Reduced working time’ option. To avoid confusion, we have made available the previous version of the UIF Easy-Aid Guide.


    1. UIF ‘Reduced working time’ option

    Although indications are that the C19 TERS is likely to receive priority and seems to be preferred by Department of Labour and Employment, the ‘reduced working time’ option is still available to employers and employees.

    The ‘reduced working time’ was originally intended for employees who have to work short time. This benefit was introduced fairly recently (2018) in the following terms:
    “A contributor employed in any sector who loses his or her income due to reduced working time, despite being employed, is entitled to benefits if the contributor’s total income falls below the benefit level that the contributor would have received if he or she had become wholly unemployed, subject to that contributor having enough credits.”

    Although not expressly stated, this scheme should also be available to employees that are on temporary lay-off without pay during the Covid-19 crisis. The following documents need to be submitted:

    ·        UI 19 and UI 2.7 (completed by employer)

    ·        UI 2.1 (application form)

    ·        UI 2.8 (bank form completed by bank)

    ·        Letter from employer confirming reduced work time (or lay-off) is due to the Coronavirus

    ·        Copy of ID document

    An “UIF Easy-Aid Guide”, as well as the relevant forms, has been send to all.

    Features of the ‘reduced working time’ option:

    ·        The claim is subject to the employee having enough credits.

    ·        The claim is by the employee (with the assistance of the employer).

    ·        The employee has to obtain a UI-19 form and then get a bank authorisation in respect of the account into which the benefit is to be paid, which will be a challenge, especially during the lock-down.

    ·        Submission can be made online to the relevant processing centre (See list of processing centres at the end of UIF Easy-Aid Guide available at the link below).

    ·        The benefit will be calculated in terms of the income replacement rate sliding scale of 38 % (for high earners) up to 60 % (for low earners) as provided in the Unemployment Insurance Act, subject to the maximum threshold as determined from time to time.

    ·        It is possible that lower earning employees may get out less than the minimum wage under this dispensation.

    ·        Payment is made by the UIF directly into the employee’s bank account.

    ·        Subject to available credits the employee can (theoretically) receive this benefit for up to 12 months.

    2. Covid-19 temporary employee / employer relief scheme (C19 TERS)

    This scheme is intended to provide emergency relief to enable employers to pay employees who are temporarily laid off due to the Covid-19 crisis.

    The directive appears in the Government Gazette (No. 43161) on 26 March 2020, sets the C19 TERS out the basis of the scheme as follows:

    “Should an employer as a direct result of Covid-19 pandemic close its operations for a 3 (three) months or lesser period and suffer financial distress, the company shall qualify for a Covid19 Temporary Relief Benefit.”

    (The Government Gazette is available at the link below.)

    Features of the COVID-19 TERS option:

    ·        It is a separate benefit scheme (separate from normal UIF benefits with its own set of forms and requirements) which cannot be claimed at the same time as the UIF ‘reduced working time’ benefit.

    ·        It applies where the company has closed its operations as a direct result of Covid-19 (at this stage this option does not seem to apply if the company doesn’t close entirely, but lays off only some of its employees)

    ·        Claims are not dependent on an employee having any UIF credits and will be entitled to benefits irrespective of how long they have contributed.

    ·        The company (rather than the employee) submits a claim for UIF and the company then pays over the money to employees.

    ·        Online process: Send blank email to and you receive an automated response with the relevant forms and other requirements.

    ·        The UIF will be prepared to “top up” any payment made by the employer (by prior arrangement with the UIF).

    ·        The benefit will be calculated in terms of the income replacement rate sliding scale of 38 % (for high earners) up to 60 % (for low earners) as provided in the Unemployment Insurance Act, subject to the maximum threshold which is currently R17712. Despite conflicting reports, our understanding is that the maximum benefit for a high earner would be 38 % of R17 712 a month, which amounts to about R6 730 a month.

    ·        For the duration of the shutdown or a maximum period of three months, the benefit will be not less than the minimum wage (referred to as a ‘flat rate’ of R3500 per month). After the expiry of this 3-month period, the employee might receive less than the minimum wage based on the above sliding scale.

    ·        There is supposed to be a faster turnaround time with processing (According to the agreement to be signed with the UIF the benefit should be paid out to the company within 30 days of a valid submission).

    ·        The company has to enter into a written agreement with the UIF if it has 10 or more employees (updated in the latest “COVID 19 TERS EASY AID).

    ·        The company has to fulfil a number of administrative requirements, e.g. proof of payroll for the last three months.

    ·        The company has to open a dedicated UIF bank account, or clear an existing account, so that Covid-19 benefits can be tracked.

    (A Covid-19 TERS Easy Aid is available at the link below.)

    Which lay-off option do I choose?

    There are several considerations. The Covid-19 TERS seems to be intended for as emergency relief with a relatively quick turnaround time. Some bargaining councils and large consortia of employers have been encouraged to make use of this scheme. They would make bulk submissions and, once the benefits are paid over to them, they would pay the benefits to the employees. This should ease the administrative burden on the UIF.

    Covid-TERS also seems well suited for employers who foresee that they will not be able to pay their employees in full for a significant period (up to 3 months). The UIF intends to help ‘top up’ salaries to the extent allowed by the income replacement rate sliding scale (but only if this has been agreed upfront with the UIF). This type of relief seems to be in sharp focus by the UIF.

    Smaller companies may also make use of the benefit. They would have to decide based on their prospects of recovery, and whether it is worth their while to comply with the Covid-19 TERS requirements. They also need to consider the practical difficulties that their employees may experience in obtaining their benefits, especially during the lock-down period (which may be extended). The UIF Commissioner has indicated that employers with less than ten employees do not have to enter into the prescribed agreement (MOA) with the UIF. Small employers may be accommodated in other ways, but it is not clear to what extent. Each company will be judged on its own individual merits. We have our doubts about the capacity of the UIF to give much individual attention in the current circumstances.

    Employers must make a choice. They cannot claim under both systems at the same time. It is not clear whether an employer who has already submitted under the ‘reduced working time’ option can withdraw that submission and claim under Covid-19 TERS. In our view this should be possible, though. The UIF Commissioner has indicated that companies that want to make use of Covid-19 TERS should do so before the end of the current lock-down.

    While Covid-19 TERS appears to have unique and helpful features, it is a new system and there are likely to be teething problems.

    There is no clear right or wrong way. Each company should make a choice based on its own circumstances.


    There have been conflicting reports on what employers are entitled to do with regard to leave.

    In our view the point of departure is this: The 21-day lock-down has been imposed by Government. Neither employers nor employees are to blame. Employees who have to stay at home are unable to tender their services due to the lock-down. They are not entitled to be paid. So, what measures are available to mitigate the financial deprivation suffered by employees during the lock-down?

    There seem to be the following options:

    1.     Employees take the annual leave that is due to them.

    2.     UIF benefits (UIF ‘reduced working time’ benefit or Coivid-19 TERS benefit).

    3.     Employers pay their employees in part or in full, if they have the resources to do so (even though they have no obligation).

    4.     Employers grant their employees loans.

    On 26 March 2020, a directive was issued by the SA Government acknowledging an employer’s right to insist that employees take annual leave. However, the directive encourages employers to make use of the Covid-19 TERS relief instead (The directive is available at the link below). Until such time that this directive is replaced with a new directive, statements by politicians and others that are in conflict with the directive do not have to be taken seriously.

    Employers may already have an arrangement in place that employees use their annual leave credits during the lock-down. It has the advantage of providing immediate financial relief during the lock-down. In such cases employers may decide to apply for the Covid-19 TERS relief. If the claim is successful, the leave granted can be formally reversed. If the Covid-19 TERS benefit is not granted, it would be in order to maintain the original leave arrangement.

    Employers can only be expected to do what is reasonable in the light of their unique circumstances and the resources they have available to them.


    Covid-19 has been declared an occupational disease. If an employee is absent due to contracting the Coronavirus out of and in the course of his or her employment, it will not be regarded as sick leave. Instead it would be covered in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1993 (COIDA). The employee must as soon as possible after the commencement of a disease give written notice thereof to his or her employer or to the employer where he or she was last employed, and he or she may also give written notice of the said disease in the prescribed manner to the compensation commissioner. Thereafter, a further process needs to be followed by the employer and a medical practitioner. If, however, it cannot be shown that the Coronavirus was contracted in the course of the employee’s employment, any period of absence as a result of being infected will be regarded as sick leave.


    Illness benefits for 14-day quarantine period

    This UIF benefit is available to employees who are quarantined for 14 days due the Coronavirus (i.e. “special leave”), irrespective whether the employee has contracted the virus or not. No medical certificate is needed for the first 14 days but the employer and employee have to submit a letter of proof that they have agreed to “special leave”. In addition to the letter referred to above, there is certain other documentation that has to be submitted (See “UIF Easy-Aid Guide” which is available at the link below).

    While this option is available in principle, it is not available during the 21-day lock-down, except for employees who are able to work due to being part of essential services. At this stage it seems that it may be used after the lock-down, though.

    Death benefits

    In the unfortunate event that an employee passes away, certain beneficiaries may apply for benefits (See “UIF Easy-Aid Guide” at the link below). The following documents need to be submitted:

    ·        UI 19 and UI 53 (completed by employer)

    ·        UI 2.5 or UI 2.6

    ·        Death certificate

    ·        UI 2.8 (bank form completed by bank)

    ·        Copies of ID documents of applicant and the deceased


    There is another temporary relief benefit scheme (TERS) that was originally introduced towards the end of 2019. It was introduced to assist employers in distress, in order to avoid retrenchments. This scheme – which is overseen by the CCMA – is not to be confused with the Covid-19 TERS scheme.

    This scheme does not envisage normal lay-offs. Instead employees are laid off work for period while they receive training, along with a training allowance. It involves a rather cumbersome process (e.g. requires the submission of annual financial statements, turnaround plan, etc.). While employers should still be able to submit an application for relief in terms of this scheme, it is unlikely to enjoy priority during the current Covid-19 crisis

    Click here to download the Step by Step Guide to claim UIF TERS Fund

    Click here to download the National Lockdown Deceleration by Employers

* Please note that all articles are dated and content was valid at the time of publication. 



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