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21 Apr 2020 9:08 AM | Anonymous

Without modern plumbing in our homes – proper pipework, running water, flushing toilets and the ability to shower, we would find life challenging to say the least as well as somewhat unhygienic! Water is THE most essential constituent for life on earth, in so far as plumbing has evolved to being one of the cornerstones on which modern society has evolved. Plumbing – so important, fundamental and central to civilization in general, that even the great Roman empire recognized how a knowledge and understanding of plumbing, sewerage and waterworks was essential to the advancement of society.

With an ever-increasing population in high density urban areas life as we currently know it wouldn't be possible without plumbers – working hard in a profession of which they can be justifiably proud!

According to a British Medical Journal reader survey - Sanitation was the single most important medical advance since 1840 and South Africans can be proud of the fact that due to their excellent sanitation systems they have one of the best public health records in the Western world.

So, who takes responsibility for South Africa’s sanitary systems?

It’s you the Proud South African Plumber; who, continues to uphold, encourage and monitor a consistent, efficient and reliable plumbing environment, so as to safe guard and serve the public of this proud nation – South Africa.

So when you as a Proud and registered Plumber comes to repair a burst geyser, a water leak, a blocked drain, or an interrupted water supply the public can be confident and secure in the knowledge that the tradesperson who answers their call is a skilled Professional known as a Plumber!

In its response to the coronavirus pandemic the South African government has identified that the plumbing industry is indispensable and that PLUMBERS are ESSENTIAL WORKERS.

If ever South Africa needed it’s Plumbers - it is NOW!

During this time of Lock-Down due to the Corona-virus we NEED the services of you as our Proud Plumbers because who else is going to keep the Nation’s water running in our homes, our hotels, our HOSPITALS and wherever we need water to WASH OUR HANDS and a myriad of surfaces in hot soapy water in order to help beat this virus? We NEED professional PLUMBERS, Tradespersons that know how to keep vital services running. It’s the Plumbing profession that keeps this country CLEAN, who not only fix the leaks and keep the water running through the Nation’s taps but who keeps the whole waste-water system functioning, the sewers working and many of the nation’s appliances securely plumbed in!

We honour the Doctors, the Nurses all the staff that work in hospitals and medical centres. We applaud those that keep our telecommunications open and working, we admire those who keep our information technology systems up and running. We even have a sneaking admiration for our bin-men, our defence force and for those that work in transportation and logistics, the food and agriculture sectors – but so often we forget how important our Plumbers AND the Plumbing Industry are.


South African PLUMBERS – we not only respect and appreciate your contribution towards your community – we SALUTE YOU and we THANK you for your valuable and vital contribution towards our nation!

Be Plumber Proud!

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