Step 2 - Knowledge and Practical Skill Modules:

  • Knowledge Modules - 14 credits required
  • Practical Skills Modules - 23 credits required 
  • Work Experience Modules - 30 credits required over a 12 month period 
  • Final Summative assessment (trade test) required to complete qualification

Knowledge Modules - Total number of credits: 14

  • Theory of Water, NQF level 4, Cr 2
  • Solar Water Heating Tools, Equipment and Components, NQF lvl 4, Cr 2 
  • Solar Water Heating Systems, NQF lvl 4, Cr 4 
  • Preparation, Installation and Maintenance Theory for Solar Water Heating, NQF lvl 4, Cr 6

Practical Skill Modules: Total number of credits: 23

  • Plan and prepare for the installation of pipes and mounting of solar water heating system, L2, Cr2 
  • Read and interpret construction drawings and specifications, L2, Cr2 
  • Install pipes and pipe fittings, L2, Cr3 Mount and fit solar water heating system L2, Cr3 
  • Erect, use and dismantle access equipment for construction work L3, Cr3 
  • Prepare and plan for the installation of solar water heating systems in a safe and compliant environment, L4, Cr3 
  • Install solar water heating systems, L4, Cr5 
  • Conduct maintenance and make repairs to solar water heating systems, L4, Cr2

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