Step 4 - Final assessment application

Before applying for a summative assessment:

  1. Learner has completed the relevant learning
  2. Learner has completed the practical learning
  3. Learner has passed all formal assessments- theory and practical
  4. Learner has a workplace portfolio which spans the required time period
  5. Skills Development provider (Training Provider) is confident the learner will pass the external summative assessment

Download registration form to be completed by skills development provider (training provider).

Application Procedure

  1. Application must be made a minimum of one calendar month before the set block date.
  2. Application can only be made by an approved IOPSA training/ accredited skills development provider of behalf of the learner
  3. Skills development provider to acquire the summative assessment application form from the IOPSA website
  4. Skills development provider to read all notes on application form before completing
  5. The skills development provider to send through COMPLETED documents  to IOPSA
  6. IOPSA receives application from skills development provider, and confirmation of application receipt must be sent to skills development provider
  7. IOPSA to check that the application has been completed in full, supporting documents are attached and signed
  8. IOPSA to issue a proforma invoice to skills development provider
  9. Skills development provider to make payment to IOPSA
  10. IOPSA to confirm proof of payment received
  11. IOPSA to give each applicant a unique reference number that will be written on his/her application form and invoice- this reference number is to be given to the skills development provider as confirmation that the learner has been captured
  12. IOPSA to confirm with the skills development provider within 5 working days of payment received: Reference number, time and venue for summative assessment
  13. If application not completed in full, IOPSA to contact skills development provider for omissions.

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