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  • 25 Apr 2016 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Conference Chairperson

    Professor Mike Muller

    Mike MullerMike Muller is a Commissioner in South Africa’s first National Planning Commission and a Visiting Adjunct Professor at the Wits School of Governance. He currently advises a range of South African and international organisations on water and development issues.

    From 1997 to 2005, he was Director-General of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, where he guided policy and regulatory reform and established a national programme which gave 16 million people access to safe water. During his 40-year career, Mike has managed infrastructure and policy programmes for the DBSA (Development Bank of SA), a development bank, helped reorganise local government and co-founded a successful water and sanitation NGO, the Mvula Trust, during South Africa’s transition to democracy.

    He also ran a city water company for the Government of Mozambique and ran a national sanitation programme there, for which he won a WHO Forum prize for “research which resulted in action”. A registered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, the SA Academy of Engineering and the Water Institute of Southern Africa, his career started as a trainee engineer in the London Borough of Lambeth including a six month stint in the drains division. So, at the WPC, he will be returning to his roots.


    Keynote Speakers

    Shayne La Combre

    Shayne La CombreShayne La Combre is the Chief Executive Officer of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC). PICAC is a unique facility offering world class training – in many cases with facilities without equal anywhere else in the world. Shayne was appointed CEO in December 2012 and a Board Member since February 2011, he has been instrumental in the continuous expansion of the training centre. In 2011 Shayne was elected to the Board of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) and is the Deputy Chair for the 2013 – 2016 term. The WPC is committed to improving the standards of plumbing around the world to give better access to safe drinking water and sanitation to all. Prior to this Shayne was Director of Plumbing at Victoria’s plumbing industry regulator, the Plumbing Industry Commission (now the Victorian Building Authority), a role he held for 7 years.

    Shayne has formerly held the positions of:

    • Chair of the National Plumbing Regulators Forum (NPRF). The NPRF is the peak committee of technical and occupational plumbing regulators in Australia and New Zealand.
    • Chair of the Licensing and Education Advisory Committee of the NPRF. He is currently a Member of the Commonwealth Government, Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards Advisory Group.

    A second-generation plumber, Shayne has extensive plumbing industry experience, having worked for the Gas and Fuel Corporation for 19 years and several privatised gas corporations. His career experience also includes roles with AGL, Standards Australia and Energy Safe Victoria. Shayne holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, in addition to degrees in Business and Law. He has been admitted to the Supreme Court of Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.


    Dr. Doulaye Kone

    Dr Doulaye KoneThe first keynote address will be given by Dr. Doulaye Kone of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the topic: “the human right to water and sanitation, the impact on energy and health, within the framework of the UN resolutions, post 2015, and the roll of regulations for sustainable plumbing as well as the role of plumbing design and installation.” 

    Dr. Koné is currently working as Senior Program Officer, on the Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Program (Global Development) at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Dr. Koné has more than 15 years’ experience as water and sanitation specialist in developing countries (excreta and wastewater management). Prior to AfWA, he worked as Senior Programme Officer and Group leader coordinating an international research and development portfolio at Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (Sandec). Dr. Koné has authored several technical, scientific and policy publications. He has mentored several PhD and MSc students in Africa, Asia and Europe. 

    Dave Viola

    Dave ViolaThe third keynote address will be given by Dave Viola with the topic of: “the effect of global warming on water supply, water recycling and alternative methods for sustainable plumbing, including the impact on the nature of regulations and standard going forward.” Viola is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President of Business Strategy at International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials ( IAPMO.)

    His primary responsibilities involve running IAPMO’s Chicago regional office, which includes overseeing:

    • The development of IAPMO publications and customized domestic and international codes;
    • Delivery of IAPMO’s training, education, and personnel certification programmes;
    • Sustainability initiatives, including the development of the Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement, and;
    • ASSE International.

    Prior to joining IAPMO, he served as the technical director for the Plumbing Manufacturers Institute for nine years, where he oversaw all code and standard development, product certification and water efficiency activities.  Before coming to PMI, Viola was the staff secretary for the International Plumbing Code from 1994 until 1998 while working for BOCA International and the International Code Council. Dave also served as the staff secretary for the BOCA National Plumbing Code from 1991 until 1994.

    Sustainable plumbing is not only about products and technology but ensuring the very future of plumbing as a trade of professional people who think smart plumbing and are willing to adapt to the new technology that will be smart plumbing.

    WPC 2016 emphasises the post-2015 UN goals which we will discuss next issue and through these regular updates will show plumbing designers and installers that our keynote speakers will be setting a new and exciting course for plumbing, whilst not forgetting the basic of the trade and professionalism.

  • 22 Apr 2016 2:27 PM | Anonymous

    What is CPD

    Continual Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout a person’s plumbing career. 

    Who needs to have CPD points

    Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) is an accredited Professional Body through SAQA. This means that all Qualified Plumbers must be registered with PIRB. As required by SAQA all professional bodies must continually develop individuals registered through CPD activities. Qualified plumbers that register with PIRB are referred to as licensed plumbers. All licensed plumbers require CPD points to maintain annual registration.

    PIRB registration

    Licenced Plumber:

    Persons who applied for this category of registration has passed the relevant plumber trade test as specified in the Manpower training act section 28 or 13 and/or have obtained a plumbing qualification in terms of the Skills Development Act. Persons applied for this category of registration has written and passed the PIRB's Licensed Plumber and is required to have the relevant insurance in place. Only Licensed Plumbers have the right to purchase and issue Plumbing Certificates of Compliance. 

    How to get CPD points

    There are three main areas of activity that you can undertake to obtain your CPD credits from:

    Category 1: Developmental Activities:

    Development CPD Activities are related to a structured educational and developmental meetings, seminars, and training programmes.

    Category 2: Work-based Activities:

    Work-based CPD Activities are related to any work-based related plumbing activities. These activities may include, but not be limited to, learner mentorship programmes and issuing of plumbing certificates of compliance.

    Category 3: Individual Activities:

    As the name implies, individual CPD Activities are related to activities undertaken by each relevant individual. These activities may include, but not be limited to, serving on a voluntary association related to the plumbing and/or building industry, writing a technical article, and/or part-time lecturing/training. 

    All activities must be approved and accredited by the PIRB before a CPD credit(s) may be allocated to the relevant activities and be awarded to the relevant registered person.


  • 21 Apr 2016 10:45 AM | Anonymous

    Gauteng - Increase profitability '6 steps to formidable results' - 3 CPD points – Category 1

    Venue: Rivonia Recreation Club, 7 Achter Road, Sandton

    Date: 03 May 2016

    Time: 14h00pm – 17h00pm

    Cost of workshop: R900

    Discounted price for:

    IOPSA Members                       :R150

    IOPSA Members + Booklet     :R330

    PIRB Registered Plumbers      :R200

    PIRB Plumbers + Booklet        :R380

    * minimum 30 attendees required


    IOPSA Gauteng Roadshow 2016 – 2 CPD Points

    Plumbers Networking Event

    Venue: Rivonia Recreation Club, Achter Road, Paulshof, Sandton
    Date: 3 May 2016
    Time: 18h00 – 21h00

    IOPSA Registered Plumbers: answer a few easy Questions for an additional 2 CPD Points!

    Plumbers Event with Supplier Workshops and light Dinner

    * minimum 30 attendees required

  • 20 Apr 2016 8:09 AM | Anonymous

    Are you making choices to keep your business fit for the future?

    Contributors: Gary Macnamara (Executive director IOPSA), Debbie Donaldson (You’re Worth it!),  Steve Brown (Operations Manager IOPSA).

    We live in challenging times and ensuring your business is sustainable in the long-term can leave you feeling like you are preparing for a ‘world boxing championship every month end’. However, building your fitness for the future is all about what you do consistently behind the scenes - way before month end and way before you find yourself in the spot light servicing a customer.

    It all starts with you!

    We often complain about how difficult the plumbing industry is and how much better it would be doing something else. The saying that the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ is not unfortunately our exclusive ‘right’. The fact is, all industries and countries have their own difficulties and challenges, especially in the current political, economic and social turmoil we find ourselves in.


    How much of your personal mind set creates stumbling blocks in solving challenges? Are you supporting and stimulating yourself with options? Exploring all possible opportunities to implement solutions to your business challenges or are you stuck and a little overwhelmed at this point?

    When last did you step back, reflect and brain storm your options alone, with other entrepreneurs or with a mentor? How hungry are you to surround yourself with solution seekers rather than people who will agree with how hard business is?

    Take the plunge; treat yourself to the gift of stepping back and looking at where you are and where you want to go.

    There is a simple concept referred to a learned helplessness – where we are prevented from avoiding some repeatedly negative stimuli – we eventually reach a state in which it we become passive and depressed because we believe there is no action we can take to avoid the aversive stimulus. Essentially, we give up trying.

    Whilst this sounds extreme, even a little of this at a personal level can play with our motivation… So how about building on the gift to yourself? Shift from ‘give up’ exercises to ‘I’m building solutions that make sense’ especially if you choose to give yourself a fighting opportunity to be fit for the future.

    If you can shift your thinking even a little bit, you can shift from blaming yourself and others to learning from your past decisions. That old saying “we can’t change our outcome if we keep doing the same thing” may start to make sense?

    How about lawlessness? We get upset with others because they drive through a stop street or when taxis go through robots, but yet we ourselves drive through stop streets and robots.
    Sometimes we prefer to pull the wool over our own eyes. We make ourselves believe we are making the right choice for short- term gain when we know this is a temporary fix and won’t last long.


  • 20 Apr 2016 8:06 AM | Anonymous



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  • 19 Apr 2016 3:52 PM | Anonymous

    Mike Drake Memorial Golf Challenge Kwazulu Natal 2016

    • When

      06 Oct 2016


      10:00 AM - 8:30 PM

    • Location

      The Royal Durban Golf club, Mitchell Crescent, Durban

    Mike Drake Memorial 2016

    The Institute of Plumbing South Africa Kwazulu Natal Region

    Mike Drake was an asset to the Institute of Plumbing South Africa, his drive and pledge to the Institute of
    Plumbing was admirable. As members of the IOP (KZN), it is necessary to take a page from his book and reignite our passion for our trade.

    Our Heritage was established with great gusto by honourable men such as Mike Drake; let us join in uplifting tomorrow and in support of one another.

    As always, the Mike Drake Memorial sees the Plumbing paternity come together, we look forward to a memorable day with a field of 120 golfers made up of plumbers, wholesalers, suppliers & manufacturers, all allied with the plumbing industry. The opportunity presents itself for vast networking capabilities and growth within our industry.

    The day’s agenda will include a round of golf, with lots of happenings on the course (maybe even a shot or
    two!) and halfway voucher, followed by dinner and a brief prize-giving evening from 18H00. All proceeds on the day will go back into the event in the way of prizes etc., to make this a memorable golf day for years to come.

    IOPSA MDM REG 2016.pdf

    Kindly respond via email to with your Booking Form.
    We look forward to your positive response
    Bianca Brown
    CELL 083 387 8147

  • 18 Apr 2016 11:58 AM | Anonymous

    Applying Safe Work Practise

    R 20000
    Commercial/Industrial Plumbing

    Commercial/Industrial Plumbing

    R 1,80000
    Domestic Heat Pump - Water Heating Systems - electronic download

    Domestic Heat Pump - Water Heating Systems - electronic download

    R 18000
    Domestic maintenance & contract plumbers

    Domestic maintenance & contract plumbers

    R 1,20000
    Hot & Cold Water Reticulation - electronic download

    Hot & Cold Water Reticulation - electronic download

    R 18000
    Practical guide to Electrical Geyser installation standards - ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD

    Practical guide to Electrical Geyser installation standards - ELECTRONIC DOWNLOAD

    R 9500
    Practical guide to Electrical Geyser installation standards - print copy

    Practical guide to Electrical Geyser installation standards - print copy

    R 12000

    Webinar SANS 10254 - electrical geyser installations

    R 000
    Winning the Plumbing Battle

    Winning the Plumbing Battle

    R 000

    Visit Plumbers Shop at or follow the Shop link at

  • 15 Apr 2016 8:17 AM | Anonymous

    A very Important Message from our Homegrown Suzelle DIY for Water Saving Tips.

  • 14 Apr 2016 7:58 AM | Anonymous

    What is your #Hack4Water

    Do you have a cool, innovative idea that could help South Africa with its water challenges?
    The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), in partnership with the Open Government Partnership South Africa (OGPSA) invite you to submit your water hack to some of the country's water and sanitation challenges. 
    Your hack could be a big idea, solution, commercial product, community initiative, school project, home solution, inspiring water story, app or online tool, research paper, invention, awareness campaigns, cool water-related song or dance or something we haven’t thought of.
    You have a chance to win cash prizes, funding for your project, media coverage for your winning hack, tablets and more!

    How to enter

    If you would like to keep your video private, email the link to
    Entries to the challenge will be accepted in the following categories:
    • Individuals or groups of individuals: individuals, teams, communities or NGOs with majority of members over 25 years of age
    • Youth or Schools: pupils or youth under the age of 25
    • Enterprise category: established small, medium and large companies
    • Researcher category: individuals and research teams based at universities and research institutes
    • Storytelling: Journalists and individuals reporting on water issues using data and innovative and interactive storytelling methods
    Entries will be judged by a multi stakeholder panel. 
    To stay updated about the campaign, Like our Facebook page Hack4Water and follow us on Twitter @hack4water
    If you experience technical issues while submitting your water hack, email with 'Tech Support' in the subject line.

* Please note that all articles are dated and content was valid at the time of publication. 



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