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    Assessment Quality Partner

    IOPSA has been appointed as the QCTO Assessment Quality Partner for the Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump Qualifications. IOPSA has been tasked with establishing centres where training and assessments can take place according to IOPSA set standards and procedures.

    Training Provider Accreditation

    Any training provider wishing to offer knowledge and practical skills curriculum components of an occupation qualification must download it from the QCTO website.

    If you require to apply for skills development provider accreditation, please download the application form here. View the application process here.

    The completed application form and all relevant Annexures must be forwarded to IOPSA AQP as indicated on the application form -

    The AQP will evaluate the application form before making a recommendation to the QCTO.

    For more information see: Training Provider Accreditation


    For a list of Approved Training Providers; IOPSA Approved training providers

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    Manufacturers are within their right to void any warranty/guarantee claim on their products in terms of non- compliance of an installation in terms of the relevant SANS standards, as professional practicing plumbers we are required to ensure that we follow and apply the standards

    To this end, the Institute of Plumbing have seen a steady increase in terms of warranty/guarantee claims being voided by the respective Manufacturers due to non-compliant installations, specifically in terms of geyser installations. 

     The Institute of Plumbing wish to advise all practising plumbing contractors of their legal requirements in terms of pre-existing non- compliant plumbing installations so as not to be caught foul of being held accountable for warranty/guarantee claims due to pre-existing non-compliant installations.

     All contractors must take cognisance of the following:

     SANS 10254 The installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of fixed electric storage water heating systems; Section states

     The water heater and its ancillary components shall be maintained, replaced, or repaired to comply with this standard, and ANY NON COMPLIANCE shall be reported to the OWNER and USER in WRITING by the PERSON who carries out the maintenance, replacement or repair.

    It is imperative that a full inspection of the pre-existing installation be conducted prior to any repairs or replacement being carried out.  When and where applicable the owner and user should be noted of all the pre-existing non-compliance in writing before the work is to be commence.   It is further advisable in terms of the Consumer Protection Act to inform the owner/user that if the pre-existing non-compliance is not rectified and the installation is carried out the warranty/guarantee of the respective product maybe voided.  It is important to note that the onus for the repairs of the pre-existing installation and the cost thereof is for the owner/user and not the practicing plumber.  It is simply YOUR DUTY as the professional plumber to make the owner/user aware of the non-compliance in writing. 

    It is highly recommended that one complete the Plumbing Industry Registration Board’s, plumbing COC as this has a clear section for a Licensed practicing plumber to indicate non-compliances in writing, which will serve as a record of the notice of non- compliance for future reference.       

     As a professional practicing plumber we are confident that you are aware of the relevant SANS installation standards so that you are able to draw non-compliance in terms of the applicable SANS standards to the owner/users attention.  In the event of your not being confident or unsure about yourself we highly recommend that you attend the Institute of Plumbing CPD SANS training programs so that you are able to bring your self-up to speed on the SANS installation standards.

     Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Institute of Plumbing SA.





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    Health & Safety File Features:

    Developed by the Institute of Plumbing South Africa.

    Author Doug Mitchell - Concept Safety Systems

    Sections include:

    1.    Identified appointments

    2.    COIDA / letter of good standing

    3.    Company policies

    4.    Risk assessment

    5.    General health and safety induction training

    6.    Toolbox talks

    7.    Emergency procedures

    8.    Control information

    9.    Accident reports

    10.  Mandatory agreements


    Purchase a commercial OHS plumbing file - R1800

    Available to IOPSA members at R900 - request


    Purchase a domestic OHS plumbing file - R1200

    Available to members at R650 - request


    You can get this title and further merchandise from the IOPSA Plumbers Shop

    The Health & Safety Files are brought to you by The Institute of Plumbing South Africa | Email: | 0861 07586237

    37 Linksfield Rd, Dowerglen

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    Easy to read guide that simplifies the plumbing standards and references back to SANS standards that every plumber should have:

    1.    The purpose of a water heater installation

    2.    Certification / Compliance of components

    3.    General requirements & Maintenance

    4.    System pressures & balanced pressures

    5.    Electrical connections

    6.    Drip trays

    7.    Mounting of water heaters

    8.    Expansion control valve

    9.    Acceptable installation examples

    10.  SANS standards reference guide

    11.  Definitions & index

    Download digital version for just R95.00

    Purchase a printed copy for just R120.00

    You can get this title and further merchandise from the IOPSA Plumbers Shop

    The Practical Guide is brought to you by The Institute of Plumbing South Africa

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    Some of Our Valued Guests and the Phenomenal MORGAN BEAT-BOX!

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    18% responded to of Plumbing Industry survey print and electronic.

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    Pictured at the 2016 IOPSA Dinner & Awards Ceremony, valued Service Award recipients with our President Mr Lea Smith. In recognition of Contribution and Service made to IOPSA; Mr Nick Joubert and Mr Gert Fraser. In recognition of Support toward the Plumbing Industry; German Development Cooperation and The Insurance Forum.



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