Price is not King anymore!

22 Jan 2020 8:45 AM | Anonymous

We resume our consumer pieces with good wishes to you and your families for 2020.

It is no secret that economically each of us is under huge pressure. Our government is stymied as how to handle our woes and rubbish continues to reach our shores and stores courtesy of Department of Trade & Industry. Couple that with an alarming increase in people claiming to do plumbing and plumbers whose work is not to build a business but just to live on a day to day basis by offering cut throat prices.

It is just not sustainable and the consumer is the one that gets caught up in the cheap and nasty product and installation cycle.

OK, new Year’s resolutions are a crock but commit to one thing this year, buy good, approved and long lasting product and use qualified plumbers, some of whom are members of the Institute of Plumbing and some registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board. It will cost more but by doing it this way you protect your family, you buy well and long lasting product and services and gain a trouble free life.

So how come if things are so tight can you afford to pay more. Simple, start from now – save some cash for the unexpected, the emergency fund. We know that blocked drains and burst pipes do not give notice they are going block or burst and if unprepared financially that is where the trouble starts. Remember we spoke of risk management sometime last year. This is now another form of risk management – manage the unexpected and you can then know you are getting a job done properly.

Price just cannot be king anymore only QUALITY!



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