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01 Nov 2019 10:52 AM | Anonymous

The Master Plumber Designation is intended to provide a career progression pathway for professionals within the plumbing industry. The curriculum is targeted primarily at plumbing business owners or plumbers with business responsibility in their organisation. The intention of the Master Plumber designation is to recognise people who are experts in their field, upskill them in areas they may not have had an opportunity to have formal training on previously, and develop them as leaders and role models for the industry. Master candidates are technically excellent already, and this is their opportunity to round out their technical knowledge with additional key skills to help them succeed in all areas of business. As part of this designation, we aim to build a culture of learning and development within the industry, both by providing this opportunity for Masters to continue to upskill themselves, and by equipping them with training and mentoring skills so that they can continue to develop others.

While this course does cover a variety of skills (largely non-technical), it is focused more on application in the real world than on learning theory. The intention of this course is to give Masters an opportunity to consolidate and solidify the knowledge they may have learnt along the way into clear and useful frameworks that they can easily apply in their day to day.

Master Plumbers are intended to be role models, teachers and custodians of the industry, and this course ensures that they play that role effectively and in a well-rounded manner.

In order to get the Master Plumber Programme started, IOPSA and PIRB are providing a financial incentive for an initial cohort of candidates to go through a pilot programme.

The right to offer the Master Plumber Programme to this initial cohort will be awarded to the successful respondent to this RFP.

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