Notice: SANS 10252-1 2018 Edition 3.2

13 Mar 2019 8:43 AM | Anonymous

We would like to draw your attention that the latest version of SANS 10252-1 2018 Edition 3.2 is now available.

Unfortunately we cannot distribute any copies due to copyrights and therefore request that you purchase your own copy via

The new version of SANS 10252-1 mentions a few important changes and updates that you need to be aware of.


We do however feel it important to bring a few of these important changes to your attention.

5.2.3 Plastics

All SANS standards for plastic polymer piping systems for hot and cold water supplies are approved for use inside buildings only. All plastics pipes used in hot and cold water installations near external doorways and windows, shall be protected from sunlight. Unlike metal pipes (steel and copper) that have generic pipe and fitting standards, thermoplastic pipe systems are required to be installed using the fittings and tools that are tested and approved as a complete system, The use of pipes, fittings and tools from other manufacturers or suppliers, that are not the same as the approved system, shall not be acceptable. Showers

Showers shall be of a type that can operate effectively at the internal water pressure recommended by the manufacturer. The maximum discharge flow rate shall be 10 L/min. No flow control fitting of any sort other than a draining valve shall be installed direct in the pipeline between any fixed water heater and its associated expansion control valve or vacuum breaker.

7.1.2 Water supply quality — Human consumption

Conditions unfavorable for the development of the bacterium Legionella pneumophila shall be maintained as far as possible in installations where cold water is stored for drinking purposes, or where hot water could be used for drinking purposes. For this reason,

f) the stored hot water shall be maintained at a temperature of at least 55 °C, but shall reach 60 °C for at least 1 h a day,

* Effectively this means that the minimum water set temp is now 60 and no longer 55 Piping to be insulated includes all flow and return piping, cold water supply piping within 1 m of the connection to the heating or cooling system and pressure relief piping within 1 m of the connection to the heating or cooling system. Where possible lengths of pipe runs shall be minimized.

7 Design An approved competent person shall accept the responsibility for the design of a) a structure that supports a water heater or storage tank of which the nominal capacity exceeds 250 L, or Maximum supply temperature Unless otherwise required, the temperature of water that discharges from any terminal water fitting supplied from a hot water installation shall not exceed 60 °C, however thermostatic mixers may be required to achieve a lower supply temperature.

7.7 Hot Water piping Only water heaters or storage tanks of capacity ≤ 200 L shall be attached by means of brackets or hangers to a load-bearing masonry or concrete wall or to any other vertical structural element. Tanks and water heaters larger than 200 L shall not be wall mounted. All pipework connected to, and all protective valves associated with, water heaters shall be connected by means of flush unions or similar connectors (such as caps and linings), to facilitate the replacement of such fittings. If compression fittings are used for this connection, sufficient provision shall be made for the pipework to be sprung, it shall not be between rigid fixed points. It shall not be required to cut the pipe to affect repair or removal or replacement of the component. Pipes installed within a cavity dry wall shall be securely fixed. No pipe shall pass through concrete expansion or concrete joints, unless acceptable provisions have been made to the pipework for movement. To prevent unwanted heat transfer, hot and cold water pipes shall not be laid against each other. Pipes chased and fixed in solid walls shall be at least 100 mm apart.

Please note that this doesn’t include all the changes and therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase your own copy and familiarise yourself with the contents therein .



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