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IOPSA shows value of plumbers with new pricing guide

25 Mar 2015 1:20 PM | Anonymous
IOPSA (Institute of Plumbing South Africa) is the only institute in South Africa that provides a voice for plumbers by representing small and medium sized employers and contractors on a national basis. And, as such, the Institute is producing a pricing guide to help plumbers understand the value of their services.

Representing the value proposition of the plumber
The Institute actively engages with and has the support of the plumbing supply chain participants such as manufacturers, merchants and retailers who recognise that the fulfilment of the plumbing supply chain is through the plumbers.

Why is IOPSA producing an industry pricing guide?
Challenges facing the plumbing industry have created the need to change the industry and the mind-sets of individuals within it.

The key challenges, such as a lack of qualified tradesman, development of historically disadvantaged tradesman and the use of non-approved products in the South African environment, have resulted in poor sanitation and infrastructure in South Africa. One of many factors that can be linked to this is the plumber’s lack of understanding of his/her value and how to run a sustainable business.

IOPSA pricing guide concept
IOPSA pricing guide concept

In order to gauge the value of a plumber, the following aspects must be taken into consideration:
  • Plumbing qualification levels, experience and skills;
  • Standard of living;
  • Cost of being in business;
  • Medical aid and pension funds;
  • Level playing field for all.
These aspects will act as guidelines for evaluating the value of a plumber, which will help customers understand what they are paying for when they secure the services of a plumber, educate consumers and property owners on the value of plumbers, and increase access to plumbing services for the diverse population of South African consumers.

IOPSA will be printing 3 000 copies of the pricing guide, which will be available at plumbing merchant stores and retail stories, and will be updated annually.



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