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In an effort to understand the level of plumbing installation compliance throughout South Africa, the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) decided to undertake research in April and May 2022. The research was conducted by 42 experienced plumbing inspectors (auditors) based throughout the country. IOPSA inspectors regularly inspect water heating installations as part of their duties. During these inspections the auditors requested permission from property owners to conduct a visual inspection of other aspects of their plumbing.

Note that inspectors only reported on what they could see externally, in order to fully ascertain compliance a more in-depth inspection would be needed. The purpose of this research was to get a statistically significant indication of the level of compliance. All inspections were done on properties in the formal sector. All reporting for this research was done on a voluntary basis and inspectors were not remunerated for their services. We would like to thank all those inspectors who participated for their efforts.

In total 725 properties were inspected in 8 provinces (no reporting was received from the North West province). Below is the breakdown per province, due to the low numbers from several provinces, this report will only focus on the total results as well as Gauteng and Western Cape.

 Region  Number of inspections
 Western Cape 365 
 Gauteng 280 
 KwaZulu Natal 28 
 Eastern Cape 13 
 Mpumalanga 14 
 Limpopo 11 
 Northern Cape

Inspectors were not asked to report on the specific nature of a non-compliance, however they were instructed to only report on significant and/or critical safety failures, minor non-compliances were ignored in the reporting. Property owners were informed of these issues in order for them to make an informed decision. In many instances property owners did not give permission for the inspectors to inspect other aspects of the plumbing installations, hence the results are heavily weighted to water heating.

Inspections focused specifically on the installations and did not focus on the compliance of materials per se. Previous research by amongst others, Water Research Commission, have indicated that between 50% - 60% of all plumbing materials sold in South Africa are non-compliant.

In some cases, the inspectors were unable to determine whether the installations were compliant with the standards, regulations and by-laws. In these instances, the results were reported as “unsure”. This was largely due to the inspector being unable to see the entire installation without specialised equipment. For the purposes of this report IOPSA has given the benefit of the doubt to the property owner and recorded the “unsure” results as compliant.

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