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What is IOPSA doing for the Plumbing Industry?

02 Jul 2021 3:55 PM | Anonymous

As you will clearly see IOPSA has been remarkably busy in the industry. We are extremely grateful to all our members, staff, stakeholders, funders and supporters for their assistance in achieving these goals, we could not do it without them. We acknowledge that there is much more that needs to be done and we will continue our best efforts to improve the industry and to make the trade of plumbing great again.

Herewith a list of our activities;


  • Free weekly health & safety webinars open to everyone in the industry. (CPD accredited)
  • Free COVID safety training for the workplace to anyone in the industry. (CPD accredited)
  • Nearly 100 IOPSA members received free first aid training. (CPD accredited)
  • Around 60 IOPSA members received free fire fighting training. (CPD accredited)
  • 500 masks given to IOPSA members at no charge.
  • Free health & safety files available to all members
  • Free basic health & safety advice for members.
  • IOPSA developed a COVID workplace safety plan which is freely available.

Technical Schools. (all at no charge)

  • Technical support
  • Guest lecturing
  • Career days
  • Donated text books and literature to 9 schools
  • Promotion of the trade of plumbing
  • Assisted with donations of materials needed for practical tasks.
  • Currently working with funding partners to identify gaps and challenges which could be solved.

TVET Colleges.

  • Nearly 400 young unemployed people placed in fully funded apprenticeship programs.
  • Around 150 of these are women.
  • This translates to over R30 million in value for participating IOPSA members over 3 years.
  • 120 unqualified but experienced plumbers placed in fully funded ARPL programs.
  • Established a training forum for colleges and educators to discuss plumbing related matters.
  • Guest lecturing, especially on standards.
  • Promoting the trade of plumbing
  • Assistance in the design and set up of centres of specialisation for plumbing training.
  • Inspections and quality assurance.
  • Development of various plumbing curricula and trade tests.
  • Free mentorship programs


  • Free weekly technical webinars open to anyone. (CPD accredited)
  • Free weekly business webinars open to anyone. (CPD accredited)
  • Free training for Building Control Officers
  • Free training for insurance claims staff, managing agents and architects.
  • Free on-site training given to over 100 IOPSA members.
  • Free to register e-learning platform.
  • Free Youtube channel with a huge amount of informative content. (CPD accredited)
  • Free technical advice
  • Resolved around 120 consumer complaints.
  • Mediation in disputes between IOPSA members and on warranty claims.
  • Mediation in disputes between IOPSA members and their clients.
  • Plumbing audits.
  • Plumbing inspections for home and property owners.
  • Promoting professionalism in the industry.
  • Promoting the use of Qualified Plumbers and informing consumers of the risk of using unqualified “plumbers”
  • Supporting Proudly South African and the Buy Local campaign.
  • Numerous research papers on the industry.
  • Providing information on new products, methods and changes to legislation.
  • Free plumbers’ meetings. (CPD accredited)
  • Established an insurance forum to discuss matters related to plumbing.
  • Established a building control forum to discuss matters related to plumbing.
  • Representation to various government, municipal and private sector bodies, and forums.
  • Participation in development/review of virtually all plumbing standards and regulations.
  • Currently assisting several municipalities in drafting and implementing water by-laws.
  • Participation in various meetings, conferences and workshops related to the construction and plumbing industries.

COVID-19 Response.

  • Free webinars on COVID-19 to anyone in the industry. (CPD accredited)
  • Free COVID safety training for the workplace to anyone in the industry. (CPD accredited)
  • 500 masks given to IOPSA members at no charge.
  • IOPSA developed a COVID workplace safety plan which is freely available.
  • Assistance in getting permits during hard lockdown.
  • Assistance in claiming UIF TERS funding.
  • Assistance in sourcing PPE and sanitisers during hard lockdown.
  • Established the Plumbers Support Fund to assist plumbers in need during hard lockdown.
  • Provided legal support to those members who fell foul of law enforcement during hard lockdown.
  • Free mental health webinars during hard lockdown. (CPD accredited)
  • Free COVID-19 prevention posters to anyone in the industry.
  • Provided regular updates, analysis and guidance on COVID regulations.
  • Virtual meeting platform for plumbers’ meetings.
  • Payment holiday for member who were struggling to pay fees.


  • Established an industry transformation committee.
  • Created an IOPSA Transformation policy.
  • Instituted regular free township plumbers’ meetings, COVID dependant. (CPD accredited)
  • Employed 7 unemployed black staff members, 6 female, 1 male.
  • Instituted a requirement for BBBEE certificates for members.
  • Instituted a preferential employment and procurement policy.
  • Currently undergoing a BBBEE rating exercise for IOPSA.
  • Grew black representation on committees from 11 to 22. Female from 0 to 7.
  • Grew black representation on the NEC from 0 to 3. Female from 1 to 3.
  • The Office Bearers of IOPSA are now 1 Black male, 1 coloured female and 1 white male.
  • Free BBBEE training videos uploaded to our Youtube channel.
  • Free gender equity and social inclusion workshops. (CPD accredited)
  • Assisted in the establishment of South African Women in Plumbing (SAWIP).
  • Signed the SAWIP pledge against sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Undertook a review of all IOPSA documentation, the plumbing curricula, and the National Building Regulations for any racial or gender bias.
  • Took disciplinary action against members who transgressed the Transformation Policy.
  • Assisted in creating nearly 400 job opportunities for young unemployed mainly black people. Around 150 are women.

Community. (All free of charge, CPD points were allocated to participants)

  • Installation, repairs and maintenance of the following;

o An old age home in KZN

o A police station in KZN

o A childrens’ home in Western Cape

o A school in Southern Cape

o Numerous public toilets in informal settlements in Gauteng

o A care centre in Gauteng

o A community centre in Gauteng

o An old age home in Free State

o A frail care in North West

o Sanitation services at an informal settlement in Eastern Cape.

  • Community clean ups

o 2 parks in Gauteng

o City clean up in Free State

o A river in Western Cape

o A Beach in KZN

  • Donations of various plumbing materials, text books, literature, COVID paraphernalia etc to colleges and schools.

Commercial. (for members only)

  • Discounts from Health & Safety consultant
  • Discounts on legal services
  • Discounts on material purchases
  • Discounts on tyres, shocks and exhaust purchases.
  • Discounts on motor vehicles
  • Discounts on LPG Gas installers training
  • Discounts on waterproofing training
  • Free listing on “Find a Plumber” which gets around 200 enquiries per day.

(this is over and above those member benefits listed above)



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