Members shall at all times

  1. Support plumber training and plumbing skills required to maintain the dignity and reputation of the trade of plumbing.
  2. Support the importance of uplifting the standards and quality of plumbing products and plumbing installation work, as prescribed by the SABS through the SANS Codes of Practice, the National Building Regulations, Local Authority Bylaws and all mandatory standards for plumbing.
  3. Conduct themselves and their businesses in a manner which shall be seen by those they serve as being honorable, transparent and fair, especially with regard to such guarantees or warranties on product, and backup service that they offer.
  4. Apply the basic principles of free enterprise within the operation criteria of one's own business, whilst at the same time respecting the operating criteria of other disciplines making up the plumbing industry In order for a member to expand or move into another plumbing industry discipline, he would have to register a separate entity , and will be required to comply with al l the entry levels of that part of the plumbing industry into which they intend moving.
  5. Only install SANS or similar approved products, and those which comply with all applicable laws, bylaws and regulations.
  6. Voluntarily register with IOP(SA) on annual basis and pay annual fees in accordance with the membership category in which he is registered, as approved by the National Executive Committee of IOP(SA).
  7. Safeguard the public interest at all times concerning health, safety and environment by promoting to consumers that one should only use SABS approved products, and that they are required to be installed by a qualified plumber
  8. Observe that in promoting plumbing products or members installation services through the media, that all such advertisements be an honest interpretation of that product, or service, according to the guidelines laid down by the advertising standards authority
  9. Be available at all times to attend a discipli nary hearing of IOP(SA), in terms of the Constitution, in the event of a complaint being lodged against a member's product or workmanship in accordance with the applicable regulations
  10. The National Executive Committee has the authority to suspend, or cancel the membership in terms of the Constitution, of those members who infringe the IOP(SA) Code of Conduct.
  11. Attend IOPSA regional meetings.
  12. Ensure that the company employs PIRB Lic enced Plumber/s. Ensure that there is aqualified plumber in the company's employ at all times , to Comply with Section A18 of the National Building Regulations.


  1. All members are required to pay an annual membership fee into the IOP(SA) bank account. Members who prefer to pay their annual fee upfront shall do so within 60 days of the issue of the official IOP(SA) invoice.
  2. Members who fail to pay their annual membership fee after 90 days will automatically be suspended and listed as a Bad Debtor. Further action could result in the account being handed over for collection.
  3. Suspended members wishing to reinstate their membership must pay all outstanding fees plus 1.5% penalty per month up to date, all future payments on his annual membership fee account will be payable in full upfront each financial year.


  1. In the event of resignation, members must inform national office in writing one month prior to new financial year (end of February)
  2. Upon resignation all IOPSA logos or reference to IOPSA membership must be removed from but not limited to all advertisement, marketing material and stationery of the said resigned member.
  3. Any long term advertisement or marketing material such as the Yellow Pages, that are placed by a member denoting that they are IOPSA members, the said member in the event of resignation, will be required to pay the said membership fee for the full duration of the advertisement and/or marketing material that denotes them as an IOPSA member.



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