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The Institute provides an industry forum for plumbers, suppliers, manufacturers, professional specifiers and building & drainage authorities. Great importance is attached to skills development and the maintenance of standards. Acts as a Trade Association, Licencing & Registration and Information Services to the Industry


A South African Plumbing Industry Breakthrough! 

SANS 10254

“Starting 2018 on a positive note”, is something all registered plumbers in South Africa could say with the release of the latest edition of SANS 10254 for the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of fixed electric storage water heating systems. 

As plumbers we sometimes find it difficult to keep up to date with the requirements of the SANS standards and may feel that changes to the standards will cause a world of confusion and frustration in an already challenging work environment.


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By becoming a member you will instantly be part of a South African plumbing employer community.  Our global events and online resources provide our members with unprecedented networking opportunities with fellow MBAs, access to employers, vital career advice, continued learning and high quality speakers.

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The objectives of IOPSA?

    1. To generally watch over, promote and protect the interests of its members.
    2. To encourage and promote a plumbing regulator environment through the upholding, upliftment and abiding of the South African plumbing industry installation and product standards be it mandatory or voluntary.
    3. To promote market growth in the plumbing sector of the building industry by co-ordinating endeavours aimed at establishing a wide awareness of the IOP(SA) member and its credibility.
    4. To foster and encourage the technical skills and business management education of all members through all legislated training and qualification training schemes, and further detailed plumbing education schemes through manufacturers workshops, lectures and group discussions.
    5. To promote to members the application of excellence in work, just and honourable practices in the conduct of business amongst members, consumers and others engaged in the building industry.
    6. To enhance public opinion of the services of IOP(SA) members.
    7. To co operate with other bodies, persons or associations in enforcing and giving effect to its objectives.
    8. To promote and identify the need for the national registration of plumbers, in co-operation with the appropriate Government authorities.
    9. To provide the IOP(SA) membership with current local and international plumbing news, together with the activities of similar plumbing associations through membership of the World Plumbing Council.
    10. To borrow, invest, lend, subscribe or donate money for the furtherance of the purposes of IOP(SA) and the plumbing industry.
    11. To promote good conduct of members through the administration of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.
    12. To perform such other lawful actions as may be in the interests of the members and the plumbing industry in general.

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