How IOPSA got me back onboard after 15 years

02 Oct 2017 12:50 PM | Anonymous

It gives me pleasure to write about the current IOPSA administration.

I find it refreshing to deal with Steve Brown (Acting Ed), Kaela Bell (Membership administrator) and Mark de Wet (Technical Manager).

Kaela from day one, was not only pleasant, but knowledgeable and efficient. 

We were very concerned about the CPD points that we had not been able to achieve, not due to our negligence  but due to various complications. 

I can proudly say that within two months, we have 19 CPD points!

Not so difficult once you understand what is required.

I have had a few plumbing issues and Steve has always been just a phone call away. If not available immediately, within the hour he is returning your call.

We have been doing internal audits on our plumbers re installing geysers and there were a few technical points we needed to clarify, Mark was available  to assist with the information we required.

I used to be a member of IOPSA over 15 years ago and up until recently did not feel I was benefiting in any way. I also felt that to get CPD points was a money racket.

Now I feel completely different about being a member and about the CPD points. They are both essential. Why one may ask? 

Firstly the assistance one gets from IOPSA is invaluable :-

  1. IOPSA meetings, that are very informative on relevant business issues and product, provide you with 4 CPD points.
  2. Knowledgeable assistance on  administration and technical plumbing issues 
  3. Recruiting of learners and plumbers.

Achieving CPD points is a very good way of staying abreast with all aspects of running a successful plumbing business and need not cost you anything if attend meetings throughout the year and watch a few videos.

I feel proud to say that I am affiliated with IOPSA now we just need to get all the plumbers, throughout South Africa on board.

Written by Sandra Adams

(Dave Miller Plumbers) 



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