What do I do after I have completed my CPD activity?

  • 06 Nov 2014 2:40 PM
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    Macnamara (Administrator)

    Step five: Submission of CPD points

    Category 1: 

    Training/activity provider to submit attendance register and certificate if required to PIRB office. Individual to ensure training provider has complied.

    Category 2:

    Submit activity evidence to PIRB office.

    Mentorship. Individual to submit a log book with the details of the Plumber they have been mentoring.
    PIRB Certificates: Individual to submit a logbook of jobs where certificates have been issued and this will be verified by the PIRB COC system.

    Category 3:

    Individual to submit evidence of their task or membership.


    1. Submissions to be made to PIRB office by means of post or email.
    2. Individuals to ensure they have submitted all evidence of activities 30 days prior to renewal of their PIRB registration cycle.
    3. Always keep copies of the activities you have attended for a minimum period of 2 years.

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